The Apps that Will Make Working Remotely a Breeze

By now it’s obvious that businesses are more than open to work with employees living on the other side of the world, in different timezones, and even speaking different languages.

Technology has allowed us all to keep doing what we’re doing best while working from a place that’s comfortable for us. But with working from home also come quite a few hurdles on their own.

Apps that Will Make Working Remotely a Breeze
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We have to stay updated, and our vision for the work we’re doing has to be aligned. While for some of us that have been working remotely for years now this may sound simple enough, for most people it’s a big change they have to make to stay on top of their game.

One thing that’s common between all of us that are working remotely is the fact that the software and apps we use to stay connected with everyone are one of the most important parts of our daily lives. So, what are the best apps, or pieces of software that you can use to keep yourself in the loop and productive while working in your PJs? Let’s get to it!

Find open WiFi networks easily if you want to work from a coffee shop or somewhere in the open.

As soon as you start working remotely you’ll realize the amount of freedom you have. Working from home becomes nothing more than a term that shows you aren’t located inside a four-walled office that sucks out all the creativity right from you.

While in truth, you can be working from anywhere you see fit. That means you can spend eight hours working from your favorite coffee shop, or you can even travel after work hours and work every day from a different location.

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Remote working is wondrous, really, but there’s one catch to it — you need a good WiFi connection wherever you may go. If you’re travelling to big cities that won’t be really a problem. There’s an app online called “WiFiMap” that shows you every open internet connection in close proximity to you.

You can also check other cities open networks, which can allow you to plan your trips and never be without a stable internet connection. If you don’t have the app, you can always count on a coffee shop to have an open internet connection for its customers.

Choose the right chat app that will allow you to stay connected with employees and up to date on projects.

If you’ve spent even a day working while you’re on the go, or not located in the office, you already know the importance of a great chat app.

Now, there are some that are free and they are okay at what they do. But compared to Slack, they’re all a bit lacking behind at what they do. Slack has integrations with the tools you use everyday, making project collaboration a breeze.

Become a master at project management by using the right tools for the job.

And while we’re on the topic of project collaboration, let’s talk a bit about staying productive and managing projects properly.

The company you’re most likely working for (or with) already have a project management program that you use every day. But if you do a bit of freelancing work on the side, it’s so much better to structure your workdays with the most important projects at hand.

And it turns out, the easiest tool to use for the job is actually free. While Asana is great for team task management, Google Tasks is free, lives inside your Gmail and it’s integrated with Google Drive and Google Docs.

Use the right software to collaborate with colleagues and finish projects faster.

So, if your task management project is integrated with Google Docs, then maybe it’s best if you choose this as your office software of choice. While Microsoft Office is great, don’t get this wrong, it’s also a bit expensive.

Google gives you all this for free. It’s online, it lives in your browser app, and you can use it offline if you set it up correctly. Not only that, but it makes sharing files a breeze. Collaborating is as easy as one-two-three and you can change file ownership at a click of a button.

The right software can make working remotely (or from home, call it what you like) a truly enjoyable experience. What was once considered a way of slacking, software has now allowed us to stay productive throughout the day. What is your favorite piece of software? Share it with us!