Top 7 Apps for Marketing Students

Now it is difficult for us to imagine our life without modern technologies. And one of the things we almost never part with is our smartphone. It is filled with various applications and usefulness that we use almost every day while doing our daily activities. But if you are a student, your application suite may be a bit more specialized, depending on how you live and what you learn. In this article, we have selected 7 marketing apps for you that will make your life a little easier if you are a student and study marketing. They relate to various aspects of a marketer’s student’s life and will help you improve your skills, increase your productivity, and improve your academic performance.

Apps for marketing students article - image 1Quora

You have all heard about this one of must have apps for android and most likely have visited the site more than once in case you need some assignment writing help or any other assistance, although you may not even have thought about it. Quora is suitable for those who are greedy for knowledge in any field, including yours. If Google gives you a bunch of answers from various websites, blogs, forums, and community, then here you can get a single but detailed and clear answer of the expert to your question. If you want to know about something that has long interested you but you have not had the opportunity to ask this question to the right person, then this is your chance. The right person will find you himself and answer with all the details. In addition, you can not only ask your question and find out the answer, but also read the countless questions of other people and find out what kind of answer they received.


If your area is marketing then you definitely need to follow the news. Because it is a very dynamic environment where news and events can have a pretty strong influence. You can not own and operate with outdated information because it is no longer needed and has absolutely no value. And to be aware of the latest events, you need a convenient and simple application like Flipboard. There you can find not only the latest news, but also read interesting stories, learn about cool technologies, and get a bunch of marketing tips. Make your smartphone a source of useful information for each day and grow into the habit of reading news in the morning and in the evening in order to always have only the latest news practically on any topical issue in your area.


If your life lacks organization and systematization, then your solution could be to use an application like Trello. Usually, it is used to work on team projects, but many simplify their lives by writing their own plans there. This application helps to systematize the work on anything. Convenient interface and “cards” in which you can record all the information you need and then sort them by topic, subject or any other parameters. In addition, you can add other buns directly to Trello, for example, your calendar so that you know the exact time and date of certain events.

The Kindle App

What other skills should a marketer have in addition to knowing where to find the answers to any question and to know all the latest news from the world of marketing? Of course, he should like to read. You have all heard about the Kindle reader, but there is also a Kindle application. It is designed for Windows, Android, and Apple devices, and with it you can select, save, mark and do other manipulations with the text of any book. Why do you need it? For example, if you decide to comprehend and reread some point from the book a little later, or you want to discuss some source and highlight a specific phrase during a seminar.


An extremely useful application that will help organize your training schedule and add to the calendar all the necessary lectures and seminars so as not to forget anything. Record all homework assignments, write down the class schedule, add reminders and get push notifications every time you need to go to class.


The learning process of any student is inextricably linked with the storage and sharing of files. So that nothing is lost along the way and everything is piled up in a safe and convenient place, there is a solid application like Dropbox. This information repository helps you keep all your files and folders in one place, transfer them to other mailboxes, share with friends, or download to different devices. It is multiplatform and you can edit the contents of your storage from any device and at any time. There are plenty of places where if you are going to store text files or small presentations for study there.


Another popular application if you need to write down your idea, make a to-do list, take a picture of something, or work with your notes from different devices. You can upload your posts to social networks for your friends to rate or quickly find the note you need by typing it in the search bar.

All these applications to one degree or another will make your student life easier and more productive. You can work with your records from any device, track all important events, read the latest news and find out the answers to even the most bizarre questions. Make your smartphone a temple of knowledge and useful activities by downloading just a few applications that will greatly expand the arsenal of your capabilities. You never know which one might come in handy. Do a little experiment and check how productive your week has become since using these apps. You will definitely notice the difference.

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