Apps to Boost Productivity for Writers

If you want to become a successful writer, then you must take all the measures to be more productive. Writing is not an easy job, it requires a mental application and it’s important to be efficient and fast to meet the deadlines. The good thing is that now many applications are available that help writers improve their productivity. So, if you are curious to learn more, then here you will get a list of the best apps to boost productivity for writers. Now without further ado, let’s jump into the main deal.

1- Google

Google docs - apps to boost productivity

Google is a one-stop solution that can help you solve a lot of problems. It offers different apps that can boost your productivity. For example- you can use Google docs to access your projects whenever you want. It is free to use, and you can save your files in it and organize them very easily.

It allows you to access your files with your Gmail account or directly by Google drive. With Google docs, it’s very easy to keep a record of your work and it also allows you to send your work to others quickly. Apart from this, Google dictionary is also a great app for writers.

You can easily install it and search for difficult words without any problems. This saves you a lot of time and provides you a detailed definition along with some synonyms. You can also check out other Google apps like Google keep to make writing easier and less time-consuming.

2- Evernote

Evernote - apps to boost productivity - image

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps currently available. It enables you to make notes in different formats like voice, text, images, etc. Once you have taken the notes, it automatically syncs them with the account, so you easily access them when you need them.

This app is perfect for people who take inspiration from other sources. You can easily save them and prepare other things. This helps you make a huge database that you can utilize to make your work better.


Audext logo - image

Audext is a great tool that transcribes audio to text very easily. It is very useful for writers as they can use it as a dictation tool to make their writing process faster. It is very easy to use and can improve your productivity and help you complete the assignment before the deadline. Apart from this, you can also use it for proofreading. It won’t only save your time but also reduce spelling errors in your content.

4- Now Novel

Now Novel logo - image

If you are more inclined towards novel writing, then this tool can be very useful for you. Working out on single elements is one of the most challenging things. This app can help you build the premise of your story more effectively and the good thing is that you won’t have to put extra efforts in structuring.

With this app, you can save the sections of your draft and move it to a private location. And send them to the members you want to get feedback. Many professional writers use it to make the writing process less complicated. Though it can be a little difficult for beginners to understand, it’s worth learning.

5- Trello

Trello logo - image 49849894894

Trello is a perfect application for people who have a hard time organizing things. Unlike other applications, it doesn’t provide a list of tasks instead it works around boards. These boards present your ideas and lists and help you organize items on the basis of urgency. It is specially made for brainstorming.

For example- if you are thinking of an idea about your blog, then it allows you to connect all ideas on a single Trello card. And then you can easily drag them into the list of ideas that are similar to them.

This tool helps you all stages of writing through completion and if used correctly then it can skyrocket your productivity.

Audext is an online transcription service that helps you convert voice to text within minutes. It transcribes all popular audio files automatically. Once the transcription is done you can easily edit the content with the help of the website editor. Along with this, it can also transcribe interviews, lectures, seminars, and many more things.

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