AquaFunded Review – How Does This Prop Firm Differentiate Itself In A Crowded Field? 

Prop trading firms are reshaping how traders approach the financial markets, and among the newcomers is AquaFunded. This firm pledges to uplift traders by tackling the market’s complexities with advanced technology. But does it deliver? Stay tuned for my AquaFunded review to see if it stands out as one of the best prop trading firms.

What is AquaFunded? 

AquaFunded, which started in December 2023 and is based in the United Arab Emirates, has quickly made a name for itself in the prop trading world. Under the leadership of CEO Jason Blax, the firm aims to help traders realize their full potential and succeed in the markets. 

AquaFunded uses the Think Markets brokerage and supports trading platforms like MT4 and MT5, allowing traders to trade in Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto markets with different leverage options to suit various trading styles.

AquaFunded Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that have led some to claim AquaFunded is the best forex prop trading firms on the market:

  • High Profit Splits: Traders enjoy up to a 90% share of the profits they generate, ranking AquaFunded among the most generous in the industry.
  • Fast Payouts: The firm ensures traders receive their earnings swiftly, with a bi-weekly payout schedule.
  • Achievable Profit Targets: The set profit target is a reasonable 8%, which is competitive and attainable compared to industry standards.
  • Trading Freedom: There are no restrictions on trading styles, allowing traders to utilize strategies that they find most effective.
  • Transparency and Incentives: AquaFunded maintains a clear fee structure and offers a full refund of fees upon successful completion of their evaluation process.
  • Operational Base and Tools: The firm operates out of Dubai, known for its dynamic business environment, and offers a range of diverse trading instruments and platforms.

AquaFunded Drawbacks

Like most things in the world, AquaFunded has some potential drawbacks to consider. Here they are:

  • Leverage Restrictions: Specifically for cryptocurrency trading, leverage options are limited. Meaning if you are looking for the best crypto prop trading firm, you might want to look elsewhere. 
  • Evaluation Stages: Traders must navigate through a phase-based evaluation process before full trading privileges are granted.
  • Platform Limitations: There may be restricted options for trading platforms and unclear criteria for account scaling.

How AquaFunded Works

AquaFunded has crafted a structured pathway for traders, aiming to elevate them from beginners to fully funded professionals. This path begins with “The Wave,” a crucial evaluation stage where traders must meet specific targets to demonstrate their capabilities. 

Those who succeed then move to “The Ripple,” where their consistency and skills undergo further scrutiny. Successful candidates are granted the title of Aqua Traders, handling substantial funds and retaining up to 90% of the profits they generate.

AquaFunded offers two types of evaluations:

One-phase Evaluation:

  • Profit Target: A single-phase system where traders aim for a 9% profit target without predefined profit benchmarks for funded accounts.
  • Loss Restrictions: Includes a daily loss limit of 3% and a maximum trailing loss set at 6%, ensuring traders manage risk effectively.

Two-phase Evaluation:

  • Profit Targets: Traders need to hit an 8% profit target in Phase 1 and a 4% target in Phase 2 to progress or access withdrawals.
  • Loss Limits: There’s a daily loss cap of 5% and an overall loss limit of 8%.

AquaFunded Trading Rules

AquaFunded has crafted a set of rules that strike a balance between giving traders freedom and ensuring they manage risks wisely. Unlike many other prop firms, there’s no minimum or maximum number of days you have to trade. This means you can trade on your own time without feeling rushed or unnecessarily stretched out.

When it comes to managing losses, AquaFunded sets clear boundaries. Each day, you’re allowed to lose up to 5% of your account size. So, if you’re working with a $10,000 account, a bad day can’t set you back more than $500. It’s a way to keep the bad days from turning catastrophic.

The rules also cap your total possible loss at 8% of whatever your starting balance was. In other words, with that same $10,000, you’re not allowed to dip below $9,200 overall. This ceiling is there to prevent spiraling losses and encourage traders to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

AquaFunded provides a platform where you can trade flexibly but within well-defined safety nets to help ensure that one bad decision doesn’t derail your trading career.


Prop trading firms are reshaping the market, and AquaFunded is at the forefront. It’s not just about the tools they provide; it’s how they support traders’ growth, offering high profit shares and quick payouts. 

If you’re intrigued by the promise of trading freedom and effective risk management, AquaFunded could be worth a look. It stands out for those seeking to climb the ranks in the prop trading world, especially among the best futures prop trading firms. Ready to dive deeper?

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