Are Caribbean veterinary schools worth opting for?

If you’re considering pursuing vet medicine in the US or Canada, Caribbean veterinary schools may surprise you with the benefits they have to offer. Along with other advantages, the Caribbean veterinary school cost appeals to a large number of students from different corners of the world. In fact, Caribbean vet schools are a popular alternative with attractive tuition and fees. If you’re willing to gain hands-on experience and core competencies in the field of vet medicine, Caribbean veterinary schools are definitely worth opting for.

Reasons to consider vet schools in the Caribbean

  • Caribbean vet schools offer advanced curriculum

Veterinary schools on the Caribbean Island offer cutting-edge academic curriculum to students. This advanced curriculum focuses on making matriculants become competent and caring veterinarians with lifelong skills to incorporate new knowledge into their practice.

  • The Caribbean is a less expensive alternative for vet studies

From tuition to accommodation, the Caribbean is good in terms of cost compared to its foreign counterparts. In fact, these vet schools are 10-20 percent more affordable than US or Canadian vet schools. Besides this, top-notch Caribbean vet schools offer financial aid and scholarships to support matriculants.

  • Top-tier veterinary schools are well recognized

The Caribbean comprises some well-recognized vet schools that are known for their education quality. Some of the top vet schools in the Caribbean are also certified by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Association and are listed with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Graduating from a well-known Caribbean vet school increases your career prospects in the US and Canada.

  • Top Caribbean vet schools have high NAVLE pass rates

Vet graduates need to pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) with flying colors to seek a license to practice medicine in the United States or Canada. Top-notch Caribbean vet schools help matriculants to prepare for the licensing examination. These vet schools have also maintained a 92 percent pass rate on the NAVLE over the previous three years.

  • The Caribbean is home to top vet schools

There are around 50 accredited veterinary schools in the world. Out of these 50, the Caribbean is home to three well-recognized vet schools that prepares students to practice veterinary medicine in the US or Canada. These vet schools have also received a full charter from the Ministry of Health Services, Agriculture, Aviation and Works.

In addition, these universities also allow students to apply their skills and knowledge in a clinical setting at the reputed veterinary centers and universities in the US and Canada. After completing 28 months of basic sciences curriculum in the Caribbean, vet schools allow students to proceed to the US or Canada for clinical rotations.

So, browse top veterinary schools in the Caribbean with small class sizes for a better learning experience. Students attending a veterinary school on the Caribbean Island also get a chance to enjoy the vibrant culture, warm weather, white sand, palm trees, coral reefs, and picturesque scenery. If you want to have fun along with a strong foundation in veterinary medicine, apply to the course now!

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