Are Chatbots Profitable? (Using them With Email Marketing + Sales)

Although chatbots may seem to be new to most people, they’re actually a good way of making extra money. Although some people have information regarding chatbots, a huge percentage doesn’t understand how they work and if they’re profitable. Generally, chatbots are profitable provided that you understand the basics of how to monetize them. 

You can make a lot of money by creating a chatbot. However, the process of coming up with a profitable chatbot isn’t easy and requires both time and effort. If you’ve never heard of chatbots, it’s high time to know that this is a great income opportunity. In some cases, you might find some people who have used chatbots but still can’t make profitable chatbots. There are many ways through which you can get a thousand dollars in a single month provided that you make successful chatbots.

Making money with chatbots

In simple terms, a chatbot is a conversational computer program that resembles an automatic messaging system. A chatbot is usually very engaging and most people tend to love them as a result of quick replies and their all-around availability. The opportunity to earn more money using chatbots is growing due to the rising demand in businesses. Before creating the chatbots, it’s essential to, first of all, understand how to monetize them. We have various ways through which you can make money using chatbots as follows:

  1. Selling chatbots

This is among the easiest ways of making money using chatbots. Selling your chatbots to clients is a good idea. When it comes to businesses, chatbots play a crucial role in saving costs and improving service availability to customers. Apart from helping support agents, chatbots can assist in leads and sales generation, accounting issues replies, and assisting developers. Once you sell your chatbot to different businesses, you’ll start receiving recurring revenues for any new features, ongoing support, and updates depending on the needs of a business.

  1. Using them for email marketing

It’s possible to monetize your chatbots via email marketing. If customers interact with your chatbot and they ask where they can get goods or services of their interest, you can ask them to join your mailing list and send them emails with good conversion rates. Consider working with an email marketing tool to help you manage all of the data.

  1. Getting commissions on leads and sales

The first step here is giving away the chatbots free to help them in generating leads and sales. Thereafter, you earn extra commissions on every sale made. Therefore, depending on how efficient your chatbot is, it’s possible to negotiate and get good margins that can make you get more money.

  1. Landing page conversions

You can program a chatbot for leading people to different landing pages from where they can purchase goods or services. Simply place the landing page URL in your conversational messages where users can follow to a certain website landing page. It’s therefore essential to check how you place the links to avoid pushing away customers who think it’s spammy. You should also provide great services for better interaction so that it becomes easy for people to click through.

  1. Conducting surveys

Chatbots can conduct surveys by collecting information of interest on different web users. The information might be useful and much needed by some companies which are even more ready to buy the information. For example, you might get some information regarding the client’s financial behaviors and sell it to accounting companies for money. This way, you’ll end up receiving some good cash from those companies.

These are some of the ways of making money with chatbots. Others include advertising and answering FAQs in eCommerce websites. Chatbots are very profitable if you clearly know how to monetize them. You can either choose to use a single technique or even combine some. For instance, you can decide to make a helpful chatbot that generates leads and provide affiliate links. In this case, you’ll increase the money you earn. However, you should be extra careful to avoid being spammy since this can deter your traffic. It’s also essential to ensure that all your conversations are human-like and they’re really helping the users so that in turn you can earn good money. Lastly, identify the industry you wish to work in such as health and beauty, event planning, real estate, education, information technology, travel, and transport among others. If you need to buy chatbots for your business, then one like Chatbot Cheetah could be your best solution.

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