Are Garden Room Offices a Novelty or Good Investment?

Have you seen all of your neighbours getting a garden room office? Do you see these buildings a lot on your Instagram and wonder whether it is perfect for your needs? Those that work from home need their own office in order to be productive. It can feel like your home and work life are merging into one.

But, are garden room offices just a novelty that will soon wear off? Alternatively, are they a good investment to make if you are going to be remotely working permanently? For most people, the latter is true. Many home workers rave about the change a garden room office has given them. If you are still undecided on whether you want to make this investment, here are some reasons why you should consider one.

Makes You More Productive

Working from home is often thought to be easy. You get to start work without leaving the house, and you can choose what you wear. You can even choose when you eat and take as many breaks as you want. But, if you have worked from home for a while, you realise that things are not as easy as people say. You are in charge of being productive, and this is something that is challenging. This is particularly true if you are in a noisy home environment or have distractions around you.

Thankfully, many say that a garden room office makes them more productive. They have a workspace that is separate from their main home, eliminating the distractions that can exist in your living space. You can go to work and come back home and relax. To check out various modern garden rooms, head to 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. They have some stylish designs that look good and create a productive working space for you to conduct business.

Adds Value to Your Home

It has been shown that a garden room office adds value to your property. It is somewhere you can work and acts as an extension of your home. Indeed, you are creating more living space, and it is like an extra room. As a result, it adds value. You will have more people interested since there is additional space, plus it can be an element that looks good and contributes to the modern aesthetic of your home.

Therefore, know that garden room offices add value to your home. When you are selling your property later on, you are definitely going to get the money back that you spend or gain more. Many buyers now work from home and wish for this additional space. It is estimated that a garden room office can up to 10 per cent to the value of a property.

Separates Home and Work Life

If you asked someone about the negatives of home working, they would talk about not having boundaries. In other words, there is no separation between your personal and work life. You are working in the same environment, which can feel exhausting. In particular, you feel that you are not getting a break or able to relax. So, while most people do not miss the commute, they do miss coming home at night and being able to put their feet up without feeling guilty.

Thankfully, a garden room office can help with this situation. By having a separate building where you can go to work, you are not in the main home during the day. You have your own office, and it creates a productive workspace. Then, at the end of the day, you can shut your laptop and leave the work behind.

Feels More Professional

When you work from home permanently, you can feel like you are no longer professional. Even if you have an important career, the fact that you are not getting dressed in formal clothing and heading into an office can affect you. It can make everything feel more casual and less important. Indeed, many say that this affects their outlook on their career. Even when they are on video calls with clients, the whole experience seems unprofessional.

Well, this is the good thing about a garden room office. Many have said that this is a way to regain their professional image and feel like they are working formally again. It gives you your own space and you can make sure it seems like a proper office. Indeed, you can decorate it however you want to and ensure that it looks good on video calls for clients.

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