Are Massage Chairs Good for Pain Relief?

Tension and back pain can be alleviated with a therapeutic massage, but we don’t always have easy access to one. Although getting a massage from a trained professional is optimal.

You can now get a high-tech, hands-free alternative to a massage without leaving your home. Possible health benefits include reduced muscle tightness and back pain.

Today, we consider the best massage chairs to be among the most important health-related purchases one can make. However, there are some massage chairs, such as Medical Breakthrough, that show numerous advantages of using a massage chair that cannot be overstated.

Numerous Advantages Arising from the Use of Massage Chairs:

Tension in the body can be reduced, and back pain can be cured with a massage. Similarly, massage chairs have been developed thanks to ingenious technological advancements, and there may no longer be any need for human contact. Some of the main draws of a massage chair are the feeling of a real hands-on massage without having to leave the house, as well as the chair’s efficiency and portability because it points to a viable route toward relieving and curing back pain.

Classified Reasons why Massaging is Beneficial:

By relaxing the muscles that control venous and lymphatic flow, massage boosts circulation to the spinal region. Boosting blood flow makes it easier for nutrients to reach the muscles and tissues, particularly those in the spinal area. Boosting lymphatic flow is a sure-fire way to feel revitalized.

Muscle tension is reduced, and flexibility is increased thanks to massage therapy. Tense and overworked muscles might benefit greatly from a massage. Muscles around the spine can also unwind with a little stretching and kneading of the trouble spots.

One of the advantages of massage is that it raises endorphin levels. It’s been found that elevating one’s endorphin levels can make one feel happier. Increasing endorphin levels have been linked to a number of positive outcomes, including accelerated healing, less experience of pain, and lessened mental stress and worry.

If you have a medical disability or a spinal injury, massage can help you stand taller and straighter since its heating effect increases your muscle’s tensile strength. As a result of massage’s positive effects on the body’s most prevalent trouble spots—trigger points and spasms—consistent treatment can help patients find relief and revitalization.

Massage Chair Features That Help Ease Pain:

Therapeutic Massage in 3D/4D:

The 3D rollers can penetrate deeper and further into the body, and the 4D variable speed movements are designed to feel like the hands of a masseuse. To reach as far as possible down your spine and into your glutes, the mechanism oscillates in all three planes (up, down, and side to side).


The heat setting not only creates a comfortable environment but also relaxes muscles and allows the massage to go deeper. A greater range of motion is possible after receiving heat therapy because of the positive effect on blood flow and muscle relaxation.

Power Level Control:

A massage should not hurt. Deep tissue massage is great on certain days, but soft pressure is more relaxing on others. Most modern massage chairs allow you to alter the pressure applied to your muscles.

Auto Programs:

Select an automatic plan that best suits your current disposition or degree of discomfort. Low back and neck pain therapy, as well as extension programs, a sports recharge, and workplace relief, are all easily accessible.

Zero Gravity:

If you’re in a zero-gravity environment, you can choose to have your legs at heart level or raised over your back. Better weight distribution means less pressure on your spine and neck, with increased blood flow everywhere.

Massaging Your Hands and Arms

The chair’s armrest airbags are designed to deliver a relaxing air compression massage to help improve blood flow to your tired arms and hands.

Scrubbing of Feet:

With the triple shiatsu rollers per foot and air compression massage found in most Infinity chairs, you can get a full-body reflexology massage. Feet massages are great for relieving tired muscles and aching joints.

Key Benefits of a Massage Chair:

Intensifies the Power of Muscles

The vibratory action of the massage chair is similar to that of an exercise machine. The frequency of vibrations is expressed in units of hertz (Hz). Therefore, at a frequency of 35 Hz, the intended muscle groups will experience 35 complete contraction-and-relaxation cycles each second.

Most studies have employed vibration frequencies between 25 and 40 Hz, which is considered the optimal range. Working muscles become more active as a result of these vibrations. Muscle activity and strength both improve with vibration frequencies above 35 hertz, and there is evidence that doing so can lead to gains in muscle mass.

Lessens the pain

The deterioration of vascular elasticity and the accompanying discomfort are linked. The massage chair has a beneficial effect on circulation due to the massaging motions it produces. This improves circulation to the area, which brings much-needed nutrients and oxygen to the area. Flexibility rises, as a result, leading to enhanced neuromuscular performance and less discomfort.

Recovery and healing

Healing from an internal wound or damage is aided by the increased blood flow to the affected area that results from a massage. By increasing circulation, the body is able to remove waste products and deliver repair-promoting nutrients and oxygen.

The Science Behind the use of massage Chairs:

An increase in both venous and lymphatic circulation is a result of regular massage. A rise in systemic blood pressure can be attained by manipulating muscular tissue. The delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles is aided by an increase in blood flow.

Massage has the capacity to raise endorphin levels, the “feel good” chemicals that circulate through the body. Lifting their concentrations produces beneficial effects. Recovery time, pain threshold, and anxiety are all shortened when endorphin production is increased.

Massage Chairs Vs. Regular Massage: Which Is Best? 

Experts say that massage chairs have their advantages, but he believes that nothing can compare to a customized, focused treatment.

While massage chairs such as Medical Breakthrough can be helpful for relieving tension and promoting healthy blood and lymphatic flow, which are essential for maintaining flexible muscles, nothing beats the quality and precision of a professional massage given in person.

When it comes to receiving therapy or a massage, “you cannot beat the knowledge and expertise of a medical practitioner,” as per experts. In comparison to a standard massage chair, “they can adjust the treatment based on your feedback.”


Massage’s physical and mental effects assist in alleviating back pain symptoms in a multifaceted way. Many different types of massage chairs have been created with the same efficient purpose in mind, thanks to research into the human body and user input.

The USA-based company Medical Breakthrough is able to highlight massage chairs with a focus on health, with the hope of relieving people all over the world of their physical and emotional stress.

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