Are the Costs of Logo Designs and Website Development Worth It?

Did you know that 55% of first impressions are formed by what we see? Yes, you read that right. It is just like someone seeing you dressed nicely for the first time and forming an impression that you are decent. Well, the same goes for your recently established brand too.

There are so many steps you need to take before establishing an online business. For now, let’s take a look at the ‘effective logo’.  Logos are the first impressions of our business.

A logo may cost you anywhere between $5 to $5000. It might seem irritating at first knowing that it can cost “that much” keeping in mind that all of these services ranging from $5 to $5000 provide the same service, that is to make a logo.

Can you design a logo yourself?

The easiest way I used to see was to design a logo myself. What would it cost; a free app, a bit of creativity, and I am all good to go!

Well, things were more complex than I had thought. A good logo will not return to your customers. An effective and recognizable logo makes A lot of revenue. I repeat. A lot of revenue!

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before designing a logo. The design should not be similar to any other brand, no plagiarized content should be used, what is in nowadays, its color scheme and shape, and deep research that presents the message of the brand.

This complex made me believe that only someone who had experienced making logos before can make it.

Why $5 logos are not worth it.

Freelancing platforms and social media groups are full of people offering $5-$10 per logo. You may find these offers tempting at first but here is why they are not worth it:

Mostly, the ones working at this rate are the ones who have recently started making logos. They get a few projects monthly, and hence, are not professionals. In this budget, they will focus less on research and more on just making and giving it away.

They commonly provide plagiarized content that is not deeply researched and your design may not stand ahead of all competitors this way.

Hire a professional logo designing service now!

It is necessary to know what qualities you are getting for your logo in a paid service. Consider the factors of effective logo mentioned before and let’s suppose that you hire a professional logo maker this time. Here is all you get:

It all starts with a well-reputed designer; someone, who is making hundreds of logos monthly and knows what is the trend nowadays. A professional logo designing service guarantees a unique design that not only stands ahead of all your competitors but will also promise a communicative logo design.

The color scheme and distinctive logo shape is the key to an effective logo. Moreover, what may look alluring on a desktop may not look that good on a phone. These minor complexities are what only a professional logo designer understands.

An expert logo designing facility will design your logo keeping in mind all your competitors and will make something visually appealing, which as a result, will give a professional image to your company.

All these qualities may lead the brand possessor in awe. But what if I tell you someone has a solution to all your problems?

Yes, Logozila’s logo designing services possess all of these qualities and promises to produce an exceptional logo for your brand because a great logo design should inspire confidence! Their team delivers tempting logo designs to transform your brand image.

What next?

Now, when you are done with the logo, let’s step to the next main thing; a website with a user-friendly interface. Do you know that over 53% of users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

*sigh as a free website user*

A big NO to free website developers.

“free websites”-sounds too appealing right. Plus, why do I need to spend thousands of dollars when I can have websites absolutely free of cost. Reason being:

Free websites take way too long to load. You don’t want to lose clients, or do you? There are hundreds of users using the same domain so absolutely no chance for the website to open in the first three seconds.

Most of the free website developers will ask you to pay after the free trial, if not, then they probably have many hidden costs. Also, free websites are vulnerable to hacking and have only a few designs as compared to thousands of designs on WordPress. There is no customer care and your website might not even show up on search engines.
*wondering what is the point of creating a website then*

Another drawback is that you cannot operate it from mobile and the website developing service may shut your website down anytime without telling you the reason.

The best alternative is a paid website

Yikes, yes, harsh truth though. Searching for a better alternative is only a paid website. Now when you understand the complexities of a free website, we have your back. There are many website development services that will help achieve your business goals, such as Logozila’s.

Most of them offer different packages, that will help you create quick-load websites and offer clear navigation. Not only does it understand the user’s specific needs and creates websites accordingly, but also promises constant client coordination.

A plus-plus: secure money-back guarantee!

Choose the best!

“designing a nice logo” or purchasing a “cheap website developing service” is not enough. Enough is professionalism or something that helps you stand ahead and makes you distinguish from all your competitors.

We believe that expensive website development services and professional logo designing services are absolutely worth it when you know that it is definitely going to benefit you in a long run.

The poor quality continues to thwart us, while the low cost is soon forgotten.

We have seen many carefully planned businesses fail due to poor quality services used. Make sure you are not one of them.

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