Are the Law Essay Writing Services Considered Cheating? No! and Here’s Why:

When most people ask this question, they are often confusing cheating and the legality of the services in question. However, the answer to both of them is no, Custom Law Essays services are neither illegal nor cheating. The whole thing is not a one-step process, and they’re a lot of parts that join together to create a complete essay writing and academic assisting service. So, let’s dive a bit deeper into this rabbit hole and figure out the true answer.

Is it Legal?

When it comes to getting law essays written by someone else, a lot of students are extremely paranoid. The stress of studies combined with the lack of knowledge on this subject leads the majority of students to conclude these services as illegal. But to the delight of many, hiring a person or using one of the many essay writing services available on the market is actually completely legal and within the bounds of the law and does not infringe on any college rules of laws. Purchasing a law essay will not put you in any sort of legal danger, and you would not be charged with any felony.

Additionally, by purchasing the essay, you are obtaining complete rights to it, and you are free to use it in any way, shape, or form. This also avoids the whole plagiarism concept, as you are not stealing the essay from the original writer. You are purchasing it at the price that they asked for, and in return, they are forfeiting their ownership of that particular essay, and you are allowed to use it wherever you want and even change and morph it to your liking, preference, or requirements.

Is it Cheating?

The main difference between illegal and cheating is that illegal is the stuff that is prohibited and discouraged by the law, while cheating is more of an internal thing and is about what you consider to be cheating. Is having more free time to study than a class fellow who has to work part-time considered cheating? It might for someone in this vast world. So, there is no distinct definition of cheating that fits all contexts. But if we look at it in a more general manner, no, hiring custom law essays services is not cheating, and here’s why:

Look at it this way. Hiring a service or paying someone to write your essay for you is just getting help for the most tedious part of your studies. It would be cheating if you hired someone to study for you, and you got the degree for absolutely nothing. But when you hire someone for essays, you are just offloading the writing to them. You are still studying your ass off all day, and by hiring a service like this, you are freeing up more time that can be used for more studying or some much-deserved rest.


Law students are bombarded with lots of study related stuff that is extremely time-consuming and grueling to get through. Combine these study obligations with a job, life, and other obligations one might have, and there is no time left to even get the things done, let alone take a small break. Even if a student dedicates every second of their waking hours to studying and writing their essays, they might still struggle to get everything done in time. This is where essay writing services come to student’s rescue and allow them to free up some time. But time is not the only thing that they gain from hiring such services. Other benefits also include quality, experienced writer, and reliability

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