Are You Planning To Get The Right Swimming Pool Pump?

While building a swimming pool in your property, there are lots of things that you must consider both during and also after the building process. The swimming pool pump is one of the most important ones that you must consider as that is going to consume maximum power to run your swimming pool. 

However, choosing the right swimming pool pump is quite confusing, because there are different operating systems as well as pump features available for you to select. 

It is very important to choose the right pool pumps for your swimming pool. Thus, make sure that you opt for a well-known company that sells such pumps of different varieties and also provides their services. Spend a little time doing the research and choosing a local pool pump provider. Look for a supplier like Outdoor Direct, who offers a wide range of reliable pool pumps and can provide valuable guidance based on your specific needs.

Things to consider while selecting pool pump  

The following are a few things that you must consider while selecting the swimming pool pump:

1. Pool size

Pool size is an important consideration so that it will decide how many litres of water will be needed in your swimming pool. So, measure your pool, calculate your pool capacity in litres, and then select the right pump size.

2. Pump power

The high-powered pump is not always the right solution. Select your pump that is powerful enough to offer a water flow rate so that it can clean the pool and also circulate the water in your pool.

3. Pump speed

If you select your pool pumps that have the facility to get variable speed then they will end up consuming much less electricity as compared to single-speed pump counterparts. This will be more energy-efficient.

4. Noise

Noise is another important thing to consider. Select your pump that is quieter to run so that you can run when electricity is cheaper without disturbing your neighbours. You may read customer reviews or check the specs to find low-noise pump.

5. Energy rating

Check the energy rating of the pump before selecting as these days it has become mandatory to display energy performance standards on the label of pool pumps. You can help save energy too.

6. Filtration

It is not true that filtration pool pumps will be matched to your pool size. This is true when you design a pool filtration system and also size all other equipment for the pool. However, there can be big pools with smaller filters and small pools with larger filters.

7. Convenience

You must also consider pool pump timers if you like to keep your pool clean by using lower electricity cost and save your time by manually switching on and off your system every day.  

8. Affordability

If you do a little research then you can find that some of the pool pumps are quite affordable as compared to others and that can enable you to get the upfront savings.

While you replace your existing pump then you need to check its suitability. Always using a bigger pump may not be the right solution. 

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