Are You Ready For A Kitchen For The Backyard?

After a long winter with too much time spent indoors, it is a nice change to barbecue a few hamburgers and enjoys the fresh air. The basics include a small patch of yard and a grill but why stop there. More and more homeowners are making their grilling spot more like an outdoor kitchen. They are adding counters, seating and a table, and lounge chairs. They are lighting the space and adding a place to keep drinks cold. Outdoor kitchens can be any size or degree of luxury. Sometimes they start simple and get added to every grilling season.

Why Consider a Backyard Kitchen?

What a tricky way to get the man in the family to do his share of the family cooking. Is a kitchen for the backyard right for your backyard? When you make a nice spot in the backyard for a grill, seating, and eating the grilled food, it is like adding another room to the house. It is also a great way to get everyone outside away from all the screens and gadgets.

Consider These Advantages of Adding a Back Yard Kitchen:

  • An outdoor kitchen will contribute to increased home value. Buyers will be able to imagine having friends over and grilling burgers, kabobs, hot dogs, and more. And, they won’t have to spend the money and do the work to set up the outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. It is ready to use. The outdoor kitchen becomes a good selling point when it is the focal point of the backyard. The key to added value is to make the outdoor kitchen attractive and functional.
  • Outdoor kitchens are better for entertaining in the warm months because the guests won’t be crowded into the house and there will not be a big house cleaning required after an outdoor party. The fresh air and open space will lend themselves too informal entertaining. If an outdoor fireplace or fire pit are added, people can gather around it to visit.
  • Think about expanding the home living space during the warm months with an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. No confining walls, or floors to worry about spilling on. Fresh air to breathe while food is grilling and while eating.
  • Outdoor space makes cooking more fun. Grilling is simple and just plain fun. Flipping burgers or a nice marinated steak makes a person feel like a chef.
  • It is convenient to grill outside in a nice outdoor kitchen equipped with all the amenities. If paper plates and plastic silverware are used, there won’t be many dishes to wash. While grilling, the cook can visit with family and guests. Cutting onions outdoors is not the tear-jerking experience as inside. If you want to be kind to the environment and use washable dishes and silverware, that is fine too. Some outdoor kitchens are equipped with small sinks where the dishes can be rinsed off.
  • It will save on home utility bills to cook on a gas or charcoal grill in the back yard. This type of cooking takes less electricity or gas. There doesn’t need to be an exhaust fan running, or air conditioning blasting to keep the area cool. Summer breezes will do that. Though the more amenities are added to the outdoor kitchen, the more energy might be used.
  • It will save money that would have been spent eating out to stay home and grill. It is less expensive to buy healthy ingredients to grill at home than it would be to order in food or drive to a restaurant using gas in the car. No masks required in the backyard, no strangers to worry about. Saving money turns into a safe thing to do.
  • An added fireplace or fire pit will be comforting to sit around. it can relieve stress and everyone is calmed watching the flames. These fire and warmth features can help a family enjoy the outdoor space for more of the year.

New Trends in Outdoor Kitchens

  • Durable, compact counter tops help the cook prepare ingredients for the grill. Dishes, drinks, and food ready to grill can be conveniently close. This will reduce trips into the house to get things and add to the convenience of the outdoor cooking space.
  • Water-resistant Outdoor appliances are another great addition to an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor cooler is especially useful for entertaining friends and family. Everyone can help themselves to all kinds of nice cold drinks without walking through the house.
  • Lighting is essential for the evening use of the outdoor kitchen. It gives light to the cook preparing food and for the guests as they move around. Lighting also adds a good ambiance to the space.
  • Good storage saves trips inside and adds to the convenience. A place to store seat cushions during bad weather is a real benefit. Storage for the cooking utensils, fuel, and outdoor serving dishes adds more convenience.
  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces add an ambiance that cannot be beaten. Sitting in front of a heat source makes everyone feel cozy and relaxed.
  • Special ordering and customizing outdoor kitchen elements have become easier and more popular. People want what they want. Why settle?
  • Easy care, comfortable outdoor seating makes the space even more usable.

Planning is Everything

Before starting the outdoor kitchen construction, think about a plan. What size do you want? What is your budget for the project and what will that money realistically buy? Where is the best place for the outdoor kitchen? It should be convenient to the home’s kitchen. What style or ambiance do you want, rustic, contemporary, or another style? What is the best configuration for your available space? It can be one wall, an L-shape, a U-shape, or a movable island.

This construction and installation plan works:

  1. Hire a contractor if the project is large with excavation and building.
  2. Look into which permits are needed and get them in advance.
  3. Gather the materials before starting.
  4. Run needed utility lines at the beginning of the project.
  5. Install or have a contractor install the hardscaping and floor.
  6. Buy the appliances you want and plan the space to fit them.
  7. Add the built-in counters, cabinets, grill, and so on.
  8. Hook up appropriate lighting.
  9. Add all the finishing touches to make the space ready for use and entertaining.

Now enjoy your grilling and outdoor kitchen space with family and friends.

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