Are you real estate agent material?

At times, we all daydream about starting a new career and getting a fresh start in life. And when it comes to real estate, there are plenty of opportunities to make good money, meet new people, and help someone to achieve their dreams.

Like any career, it has its ups and downs, and all successful companies will endure a few issues and obstacles on the path to success, which you can find more info about before making that choice to change careers.

But are you real estate agent material in the first place? Answer the following questions to find out.

Are you a good communicator?

Clear and consistent communication is the most important part of real estate. No one wants to work with a realtor who doesn’t return calls, give regular updates, or help to comfort, guide, and advise when necessary. 

Are you a people person?

Some people have that indescribable quality that makes people instantly trust and like them. In real estate, being a people person is absolutely essential. You’ll need to build an instant rapport with others, and genuinely enjoy helping people make their dreams come true.

Are you technically minded?

While real estate is one of the few industries that still use the face-to-face approach in business, technology has allowed you to keep in touch with your clients and provide far more flexibility for anyone who has a quick concern or question to send your way.

Virtual home tours are beginning to gain more popularity, and e-documents are becoming the standard way of sharing important information. You don’t need to be a technology expert, but if you don’t have a basic understanding of it, you may struggle to stay on top of your daily tasks.

Are you well organized?

Real estate agents tend to juggle multiple calls, appointments, and last-minute changes over the course of their day. It may sound tricky, but if you’re well-organized and love nothing more than a neatly maintained schedule, you’ll be an effective realtor and have a long list of satisfied clients to back up those claims. 

Are you patient?

From clients who call constantly to pushy people who test your nerves during an open home viewing, a good real estate agent can remain calm and patient no matter what’s thrown their way. While everyone around you is in a panic, you’ll be the patient and reasonable voice in the room. You’ll be positive when an offer is taking too long to be accepted, and realistic when a client demands their house be priced at an unreasonable amount.

Are you looking for variety?

No two days are ever the same in real estate. One day you could be fielding calls and negotiating the best possible price on a place, and then next you may be setting up a home and looking for ways to make it as appealing to the eye as possible.

If you like the routine of a standard 9-5, you might not like the varied life of a fully-fledged realtor. But if you like not quite knowing what each day is going to bring, you just might be real estate agent material!

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