Armodafinil Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

What is Armodafinil? 

The wakefulness-inducing drug modafinil has been updated with a newer version called armodafinil, which is also referred to as R-modafinil. Cephalon Inc. was the company that was responsible for the creation of armodafinil, which received approval for distribution in commercial settings in the year 2007. 

Officials at Cephalon came to the conclusion that they needed to cease its research in order to make the most of the patents they held that gave them exclusive rights to manufacture

and sell Provigil®. This choice was made in spite of the fact that it was uncovered quite a few years before it was introduced to the public. 

In anticipation of the patents’ expiration, when it would be possible for other pharmaceutical companies to begin producing generic versions of the medicine, the company’s goal was to increase its earnings to the greatest extent that was practically possible. It was decided to begin production of the third generation of the product as the date of the patent’s expiration came closer. After that, the freshly promoted product would be positioned as an improvement over the one that came before it. 

Armodafinil is close to Modafinil. One of the characteristics of modafinil is that it is a racemic compound. This word refers to the molecular structure of the drug’s active component, which is called modafinil. There are two possible chemical arrangements of molecules that can be found in modafinil. It’s possible that you’re wondering, “How is it possible for a molecule to have two separate configurations? Taking a look at your hands is the quickest and easiest method to see this in your head. They are in every manner identical; the only difference is that they stand opposite one another. If you were to stack them one on top of the other, they would look correct. 

In order to accomplish this, you will need to flip one of your hands over. The majority of compounds behave in the same manner. There is a version for your right hand and a one for your left hand. These are referred to as enantiomers in chemistry. Because it contains both the left and right analogues of the medication, the substance known as modafinil is known as a racemic mixture. (S)-(+)-modafinil and (R)-(-) modafinil are the names given to these two variations of the drug. The (R)-(-) enantiomer of modafinil is the only one that can be found in armodafinil; the other enantiomers are absent. This type of chemical has been given the name “enantiopure.” 

Both of these compounds have the same general effects on the body, and those effects are identical to one another. Both of these treatments are intended to address excessive daytime sleepiness by stimulating the waking phase of the sleep-wake cycle. This is done in an effort to lengthen the time spent awake. 

Nevertheless, there are a few distinguishing characteristics that set these two medications apart 

  1. The length of time the effects last 

Both of these medications have a rather long duration of effect, and there are a number of possible explanations for why this is the case. On the other hand, it is well known that the effects of armodafinil last significantly longer than those of modafinil. 

In comparison, the effects of taking modafinil can continue for as long as 12 hours, while those of taking armodafinil can last for approximately 14 hours. 

  1. The beginning of the effects 

The effects of armodafinil reach their maximum level much more rapidly. It takes the effects of the medicine approximately four hours to reach their peak before beginning their slow decline.

It takes modafinil roughly two hours to attain its peak effects, and those effects may linger for another two to three hours before gradually diminishing over the course of the following several hours. So people prefer to take armodafinil a little earlier than they would normally take modafinil. 

  1. Adverse reactions 

Both modafinil and armodafinil are associated with the same negative side effects. On the other hand, certain adverse effects could be more or less common depending on which medication you take. 

You might want to buy modafinil or buy armodafinil, but have you thought of all the online options you can get? 

How can I buy Modafinil online or buy Armodafinil Online? Why should you buy Modafinil online? 

It is strongly suggested that you buy Modafinil online because doing so will allow you to save a sizable amount of money while providing you with the same results as traditional purchases. 

The costs of armodafinil are not inconsequential; in fact, they are fairly substantial when the tablets are purchased from a trustworthy pharmacy. In addition, insurance companies are not likely to be overly enthused about the possibility of covering a nootropic because of the potential risks involved. 

It is important to keep in mind that the price is displayed in dollars; in order to convert it to the currency of your choice, you must multiply the dollar amount that is displayed. 

When you buy modafinil online from a vendor on the internet, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1.64 to $2.30 USD for each pill. This range of pricing is standard. When you realise that it is around ten times less expensive than the typical cost of armodafinil. 

In addition, regardless of which online retailer you choose to use, you will be limited to purchasing Waklert or Artvigil solely from FDA approved manufacturers such as SUN Pharma and HAB Pharma, in that order. 

After taking armodafinil in the form of Nuvigil, which was prescribed to me by a doctor, as well as armodafinil in its generic form, which I purchased online, I can say with absolute certainty that there is no discernible difference between the two in terms of the cognitive increase that each offers.

Therefore, if you want to purchase armodafinil at the most cost-effective rate, purchasing it online is your best alternative. This is also the case if you want to acquire it quickly. Now, what are you waiting for! Buy Modafinil no!

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