How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Sales Leads Forever

Artificial Intelligence 4434428855Whether you like it or not, the need to adapt and embrace an ever-changing world that consistently innovates and creates has never been more apparent. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses are having to increasingly implement more and more strategies that incorporate cutting edge technology to stay current and competitive. None more so than the world of tech sales, which is currently seeing a huge drive in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

You may not have realised it, but AI is everywhere and chances are you’ve interacted with it on a daily basis from the way you search for information on your mobile or desktop, to apps and sites that use machine learning technology to recommend services and products. The reason? To make our lives easier of course; after all, we are living in an ever demanding, instant society. So, it makes sense then that tech sales are embracing AI too right? You can be very sure of that and here are a few reasons why:

Implementing AI for the Better

The appearance of bespoke sales software that can do most of the hard work is no accident, with many tech developers seeing a gap in the market to help improve sales for all types of companies. One example of such is the Engage IQ Platform,  that uses cutting edge AI and machine learning alongside human interaction to give sales teams a huge advantage with their prospecting. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Lead Generation – The main goal is to be able to increase the number of good leads, with sales software using powerful AI to help filter through and identify the companies with the best intent to convert. This means more chances for a sales team to contact the right people the first time around.
  • Productivity – Because AI is doing most of the time-consuming work, it means more time for sales to contact and speak to their leads, working smarter and with much more focus.
  • Relatively Error-Free – AI infused sales software oozes efficiency and rarely makes mistakes, meaning a much more reliable and credible platform to work from. The human element is still required of course (hence why ‘relatively’), but the sales software will constantly learn and grow with that correct information.
  • Rich Sales Pipeline – Due to advanced artificial intelligence, all the information collected is in one place and given to you about a client or company, meaning you can see very quickly any historical information and where that particular lead ranks.
  • Performance & Forecasting – AI is very good at being able to show you relevant information, especially helpful when forecasting a particular project and also keeping track of a sales team’s & individual’s performance.

However you look at it, it’s increasingly apparent how powerful a tool a great sales platform is, more so one that uses cutting edge AI technology to put you one step ahead. If you haven’t already, maybe it’s time your business takes hold of the tools that will help dramatically change your sales team’s performance forever.

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