Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021 and 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest data-driven growing technology being used all over the world. It is being employed by many institutions worldwide, from governments and giant corporations to small internet companies. 

According to the researchers, in just four years, the number of organisations using artificial intelligence has increased by 270 per cent. By 2027, the worldwide artificial intelligence market is estimated to have grown to $267 billion. Moreover, more than nine out of 10 of the world’s most successful companies are being invested in artificial intelligence.

After implementing AI, more than half of organisations reported an increase in productivity. Moreover, to have better experiences with enterprises, 62 per cent of consumers are eager to provide data to AI. Currently, AI is fully integrated into 15% of all customer support contacts worldwide.

What are the latest Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021 and 2022?

1. Analytics of Data and Insights

Because of the vastness of big data and AI’s reliance on it, it’s always possible that badly prepared data will end up in an AI training data set or model.

As more businesses see the value of developing AI that is compliant and ethical, a growing number of AI developers and service providers are beginning to offer responsible AI solutions to their clients.

Companies are looking into a variety of options for making AI more responsible, with the majority of them beginning with cleaning and evaluating both data sources and existing AI models.

2. Use of AI-Enabled Chips

AI-enabled chips are another notable artificial intelligence trend that will help AI grow in the corporate world. Smart chips, also known as AI-enabled chips, are a brand-new artificial intelligence trend whose primary goal is to improve the performance of custom AI solutions.

According to one estimate, AI-enabled chips are expected to create a market value of $91,185 million by 2025. Thanks to their faster data processing capabilities, AI-enabled chips will improve AI applications such as object identification, facial recognition, natural language processing, etc. Many top firms, such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm, have already developed AI-enabled chips to improve the mobile gaming experience of their customers.

3. Trend of AI and loT Working Together

The term “Artificial Intelligence of Things” refers to a brand-new AI trend in the global industry. Although IoT and AI are powerful technologies that may be employed independently, the new artificial intelligence trend is expected to open up a slew of new commercial options.

We all know that IoT interacts with gadgets and generates a lot of data. Still, AI takes advantage of real-time data and automates business processes without the need for human intervention. As a result, firms might easily construct advanced digital transformation strategies by combining these top technologies.

Many major corporations, such as Amazon, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft, are already working to integrate AI into IoT, resulting in a new artificial intelligence trend!

4. Stopping Malware Attacks

Cybersecurity has always been a vital factor for businesses, and it has only become more so with the rise of digitization. It is said that the use of AIoT, a popular artificial intelligence trend, grows, more data will be generated, and thus more phishing and hacking attacks will occur. Here, however, the scene is a little different!

Enterprise security levels would improve with the usage of powerful and intelligent AI solutions. For example, we can now obtain complete information on the digital activity of fraudulent accounts thanks to recent advancements. That means we could identify the account and raise preemptive alarms against it before the data was stolen.

5. AI Self-Piloted Drones

According to research, the drone business would be worth $1.5 trillion by 2040! That is enormous in comparison to any other artificial intelligence idea currently gaining traction in the worldwide market. 

Drones with artificial intelligence are currently being utilised for surveillance, delivery, and inspections in a variety of industries. However, the growing popularity of drones indicates that AI-powered drones will have a substantial impact on the worldwide industry in the near future.

Whether it’s for security or distribution in the event of a pandemic, AI-powered drones will become a critical AI trend for many enterprises.

6. Automation Machine Learning

Finally, we’ve identified automated machine learning as a promising artificial intelligence development for 2021. Even non-experts will be able to apply machine learning algorithms and approach the advancement of AI capabilities and the proliferation of AI applications in business.

More data would be available to individuals with the help of strong tools like Google Cloud AutoML, and the breadth of data science would expand dramatically. This will allow firms to make seamless changes to their digital transformation initiatives without fear of sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

So, these are some Artificial Intelligence Trends that might dominate in the 2021 Market. It would be more exciting to witness how AI-powered solutions and custom mobile applications will continue to dominate and transform the world around us. 

Although Artificial Intelligence has changed the world earlier, 2021 will surely be the year that will highlight the expansion of AI. Moreover, as a machine learning professional to intrigue with the AI-driven technologies and to upscale your skills, practise on various machine learning projects to upskill yourself.

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