5 Reasons Why Being an Attorney is a Great Career Choice

Being an attorney is a type of career that many people are striving for. Many people spent thousands of hours studying the law by reading hundreds of books and getting as much experience as possible.

Right now, there are thousands or even more students out there, who are still planning what they want to do in life. Some have heard about being an attorney but don’t really know what it actually means by being an attorney.

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Whether you’re still planning your future or already striving to become an attorney, I want to tell you some great reasons why being an attorney is an awesome career choice. Hopefully, this article and legal blogs like Angela Gallo will help many aspiring students out there to achieve their dreams of being the best attorney.


This may sound trivial at first, but believe me, not many career choices have the luxury of flexibility. And flexibility is one of the best perks of being an attorney. For example, people in the legal profession have the freedom to set their own fees, working hours, and even clients.

Some people even chose to work only a specific amount of days in a year to achieve the balance between career and personal life. Some people even manage to become a lawyer in their forties, further proves how flexible in nature this profession is.

You must have heard before about how hiring an attorney can be very cheap or very expensive. That’s one of the many examples of flexibility. An attorney can choose how much they want to charge their clients. Especially considering that there are many specialized areas to work in, which is something that you are free to choose as well.

Being able to help others in need

I am not lying when I say that many lawyers chose this career because they want to help others. Some lawyers are even willing to work for cheap or free to help people who need their expertise.

Because as you may already know, many people are having difficulties with the law and don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer. And this is really the best time when lawyers can shine. Whether it is about personal injuries, civil rights, family, environmental, businesses, immigration, or military law, lawyers can help others.

It’s a lucrative job

There are many reasons why people became an attorney, some want to help others, some are passionate about the law, and some love money. There is nothing with saying that you want to become an attorney because it’s a lucrative profession.

Lawyers are among the highest paid jobs out there. With many specialized areas being more popular than the others because of the difference in earnings. It’s not uncommon for lawyers to collect millions of dollars in a short amount of time. Especially those who are working for large law firms in major cities.

The prestige

Being able to tell others that you are a lawyer is already an achievement in itself. Many lawyers even gained fame thanks to their many exploits. Since many generations ago, being a lawyer has been a benchmark for success. Even finishing law school is already difficult enough and not many people could do it. After you’ve managed to become a lawyer, you deserve to enjoy the prestigious status of the profession.

Transferable skills

Being a lawyer, while you can specialize your services, all the skills you possess are still transferable. Going through law school alone is already a lot of experience and knowledge that is going to be useful in your life. Education can never be replaced or lost; it will stay with you forever.

And let’s say you want to change your career after working as a lawyer for many years. Having a legal degree and experience as a lawyer are going to open a lot of new opportunities for you. Some opportunities such as mediation, law enforcement, academia and consulting, writing, and management are always open for you.

These are some of the most common reasons to become a lawyer

Obviously, there are other reasons like the challenge, the influence, and other perks for being a lawyer. But I’ve found out that these are the most common reasons all over the world. For those who are still studying to become a lawyer, please try your best to achieve your dream. And for those who have managed to become a lawyer, I congratulate you.

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