How to Attract Customers in the COVID Era

We’re in somewhat of a strange time for businesses. Most types of businesses across the majority of states in the U.S. are open following COVID-induced shutdowns. However, the pandemic is still going on.

That means businesses need to be aware of social distancing protocols and best practices, but at the same time, they need to ensure they’re getting customers’ business and driving revenue.

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It’s definitely a balancing act.

There are the things you put in place in your business itself, such as branded window and floor decals for social distancing.

You might also have signage indicating customers need to wear masks, and depending on your industry, you may need temperature checks.

The steps you take to keep your business, employees, and customers safe can be an important part of your marketing during this.

The following are some other marketing tips to attract customers in the COVID era while also conveying the idea that you’re a responsible organization.

Communicate Your Safety Strategies As Part of Your Marketing

Everyone wants to feel safe right now, and a good way to build new marketing campaigns to attract customers is to convey that’s your priority as well.

What you’re doing as far as COVID protocols can be a valuable part of your marketing.

You can regularly share email updates, add information to your website, and also send out customer emails to let them know how you’re dealing with the pandemic.

You want to frame everything in a positive way. People need positivity right now, along with assurance.

Go Heavy with Images on Social Media

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People might be a bit hesitant right now to visit certain businesses for different reasons. They might not, for example, know what to expect when they get there. They might not feel certain the business is going to look out for their best interests.

Showing is better than telling, so provide pictures of how your business functions right now and how you’re taking care of customers.

Build Relationships Online

It’s a lot tougher to build relationships in person right now for pretty apparent reasons, but that doesn’t mean you don’t build them. You just shift gears and do it virtually.

As you work toward building virtual relationships, focus on honesty and transparency.

Be empathetic and thoughtful, and make sure all of your marketing takes into account how people are feeling right now, which is often stressed and uncertain.

One great and innovative way to build virtual relationships right now is by going live and doing a stream on Facebook or Instagram. You see a lot of businesses doing this currently.

You can show your customers what your business is up to, and they can ask questions and submit their own feedback.

Take This Time to Build or Rebuild Your Online Presence

For years you probably promised yourself that you would build a stronger online presence for your business.

When you’re a small business and you’re focused on the day-to-day, though, that gets easily lost in the shuffle.

Now is the time to commit to keeping that promise to yourself, your business, and your customers.

Spend time going over your website. Work with a developer to fix any design issues or add relevant information.

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Think about creating valuable content optimized for SEO, and update your social media profiles regularly.

If your customers see that you’re front and center during a difficult time, they’re going to remember that down the road as well.

Understand the Importance of Marketing Right Now

Don’t think that you shouldn’t market right now or let yourself get discouraged. Marketing is perhaps more important now than ever before.

You want to make sure that you are building relationships, and you also want to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Plus, what you do now is going to have benefits in the future in a post-coronavirus environment.

Overall, when it comes to attracting customers and marketing to them right now, try to be upbeat and positive in your messaging. Look for opportunities that will remain sustainable when this situation starts to subside.

You also don’t have to do your marketing like everyone else. Make it your own.

Your customers have likely heard enough of the “new normal” and “we’re in this together “ tropes, so keep this in mind.

Beyond letting your customers know you care about their safety, you don’t have to make COVID a big part of your marketing. It can be in the background rather than the foreground.

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