Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic cylindrical screen printing machines are also called cylindrical screen printers, circular bottle designer machines. It is ideally suited for curving surfaces printing on circle rectangular, cube, and other unusual form bottles and design on polyester, crystal, metallic containers, and other circular bottles. The automatic screen printing machineis extensively used in everyday chemicals, food, drink, medicine, toxin, customized water glass and makeup bottle manufacturing, and many other fields.

Semi-auto Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

Organizations also design semi-automated bottle painting machines in addition to automatic bottles inkjet machines. It is a general and flexible equipment for screen painting on bottles as well as jars. It can paint on the circular funnel and oval items, including water bottles, makeup bottles, aesthetic coils, aluminium water bottles, glassware bottles, plastic jugs, bottle caps and many others.

This cylindrical screen printing machine has fast and easy equipment handovers, accurate physical registrations, and all settings are easily accessible on the front screen. It can also manufacture colourful circular items. For various print needs, the device has a motorized registration process and a direct detection registration technology.

Customized Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

Do you want to purchase the best screen printing device for your needs? When none of ONCE-TECH conventional surface printers here is appropriate for your purpose, the best choice is to design your customized device to meet your exact requirements and budget. For example, a car components company needs specific automated cylindrical printing equipment for printing on lubricating oil filters, air filters, and other circular containers.

For this collaboration, manufacturers created the OS-R45 cylindrical screen printing device. They connect the cylinder printing process to the manufacturing as well as packaging plants. The stands-up separator automatically turns 90 degrees and lays down on the drag conveyor inside the countersink system, as well as the lay-down filter automatically stands up and moves to the packaging line in the outfeed system.

What’s the price range of your round screen printing machine.

Firms provide a diverse variety of round screen printing machines, ranging from semi-automated to fully automatic versions. Then they would want you to provide us with specifics of the item or printing needs, and we will assist in finding machine options and offering the appropriate machine costs. The following information is required:

  • Dimensions of the printed bottle (diameter and height). This will determine whether a small or big machine is used.
  • How many different colours will be printed? As a result, they have a 1 to 6 colour printer.
  • Bottle images, such as printed bottles images, bottle base images, and so on.
  • The bottle images are used to determine if their equipment is capable of printing the designs.
  • The daily or monthly print capability. This will determine whether a semi-automated or completely automatic solution is used.

What kind of automated printing press do you have supplied for bottles or tubes?

Many companies provide a variety of automated printing options for bottles and tubes.