Review of Avaya Phone Systems

When you have a large number of employees, it goes without saying that you will need to equip your business with a proper business telephone system. Naturally, you won’t be able to keep it all online and on PC, especially given the ability of such a phone system.

Moreover, a phone system can prove to be much more organized than your usual Skype or all sorts of online conference managers. In this respect, today we’ll introduce you to the Avaya phone systems. One of the best telephone systems for small to medium businesses!

Avaya image 4993994993What Is Avaya?

Avaya is known as a versatile, well-established VoIP provider that focuses on third-party integrations. The system is cloud-based, making it highly scalable and with the ability to integrate with platforms that your business is already using – no matter the locations, devices, or media. 

Given that the system is based on a multi-platform focus, Avaya phone systems can be made available in a wide variety of places and businesses. 

Some of Avaya’s main features are:

  • The system caters for businesses with under 100 to 2,500 and more staff members.
  • Avaya works with digital, analog, and softphones as well.
  • The provider makes available for its clients a wide variety of phones.

The Core Features of Avaya

  • IP Office

The midmarket IP Office Platform which the Avaya phone systems enjoys makes the seamless integration of video, voice, and mobile services available for your business. 

The IP Office Platform is a collaboration software which allows companies to combine networking, contact centers, video, and security – all from one source. Therefore, your business is offered Unified Communications

This platform can be run from a dedicated server or from virtual software. On top of that, you could run the IP Office from both options, which will offer you such flexibility that cannot be provided by any other phone system. 

  • Aura Contact Center

If your business has a customer support team, then they will surely enjoy Avaya’s Aura Contact Center. This feature consolidates all customer interactions into a single, manageable desktop interface. 

You can consolidate, for example, chat, e-mail, SMS, social media, instant messaging, as well as phone calls. 

This incorporation is suitable for external and internal communication channels. Instant messaging and chat will greatly improve the way different teams collaborate with each other. 

On top of that, text messaging and social media provide your business with the additional channels that may be preferred by some of your customers who prefer everything but calls and such. 

The Bottom Line

The Avaya phone systems can be a great addition to your business, especially if you want to improve the way your employees communicate with each other, as well as with your customers. 

A company-wide phone system that can consolidate all the information about employees and clients will definitely save you and your team a lot of money and time. You will basically have a single platform where you can view the information that you want, without having to perform too many clicks – convenient!

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