Average IQ score required for different ages and groups

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Having a certain degree of brain ability is of paramount importance to each job.

The question is how well your brain ability should be so that you can perform great in a job and how you can measure your mental ability.

In this article, you’ll learn about IQ scores and the suitable scores for yourself.

What is an IQ score?

The purpose of intelligence tests is to assess a person’s ability to solve problems and do reasoning tasks.

In fact, your IQ score is a representation of both fluid and crystallized intellect. In comparison to other people of your age, your IQ test result reveals how well you did on these tests of mental abilities.

This is a standardized method to know your mental ability, which is measured in comparison to a peer group.

There are different interpretations of IQ scores, but an IQ score between 90 and 109 indicates a normal or average intelligence. Actually, 100 is considered to be the theoretical average in the world.

Acceptable IQ scores

To know what IQ score is suitable for you, you’d better learn different ranges of IQ scores:

  • Definite “feeble-mindedness” or low: IQ scores under 70
  • Indicates dullness or “lower average”: IQ scores between 80 and 89
  • A normal or average intelligence: IQ scores between 90 and 109
  • Superior intelligence or above average: IQ scores between 110 and 119
  • Superintelligence or being gifted: IQ scores between 120 and 140
  • Indicates genius or nearly genius: IQ scores over 140

Apart from these categories, the average IQ score can be defined for different age groups. Here is the explanation for this categorization:

  • 16-17-year-olds

The average score for this age group is 108, which is the overall average.

  • 18-19-year-olds

The average IQ score is 105, which is still in the range of normal intelligence.

  • 20-24-year-olds

The average IQ score is 99.

  • 24-34-year-olds

The average score is slightly lower than the previous group at 97. This is still an average under 100, but after this age group, the average IQ score starts to go up.

  • 35-44-year-olds

The average IQ score for this age group is 101.

  • 45-54-year-olds

The average IQ score is 106.

  • 54-64year-olds

The highest average score, which is equal to 109.

  • 65-69-year-olds

The age group’s average IQ score is 114, which is superior intelligence or above-average.

  • 70-74-year-olds

The average score is 119, which is again more than the overall average score.

Best online IQ tests

Now, you’d better become familiar with different IQ tests to be able to choose a suitable one. Fortunately, there are free online tests that make the exam so easy to take, especially in the age of a global pandemic.

World IQ Test
A truly professional online IQ test. According to the World IQ Test team they analyze more than 20 indicators during the test, and collect the world’s analytics by analyzing more than 5000 tests per day. As a result, the user gets an eternal link to the result of their test with full analytics.


One of the most well-known online examinations is Free-IQTest.net. It consists of 20 questions that will accurately measure your IQ level.

When taking this test, you must include your birth date because the test calculates your IQ based on your age to be able to compare with your peer group.

Brain Metrix

Another free IQ test you may take online is the Brain Metrix test. It’s a 20-question quiz that takes around 15 minutes to complete.

This test does not need you to input your age, making it one of the most user-friendly tests available on the internet. You can easily take it and get your result soon. 

IQ Exam

IQ Exam has recently been launched and is one of the most accurate online IQ tests available out there. When you visit their website, you will notice the name of your country.

It was created by a group of McGill University research students and is considered one of the most reliable exams.

It consists of 30 questions, and after passing the exam, you will be given a certificate indicating your results. This exam has been taken by 89,000 individuals in the United States thus far.

You may discover valuable information on the standard deviation of IQ tests on their website, which allows you to quickly compare your findings to the majority of your community.

See My Personality

See My Personality is a free online personality test that you can take. They claim to offer an astonishingly accurate personality test that will reveal all of your personality traits, types, habits, and inclinations in great detail.

This test was scientifically created to help you get a better understanding of yourself so you can put your skills to better use in your life.


There are different IQ tests that you can take online for free. You need to try several of them so that you can be sure about the true amount of your IQ score. You don’t have to be worried about the result if it’s low. There are many abilities that are not measured in these tests, and you can focus on them instead.