B2B E-Commerce Solution – The New Era

We know about B2C and B2B and how the business world revolves around it. B2C is simply Business to Commerce transaction whereas Business Business is self-explanatory and involves all the transactions that are strictly only business. But here is a change, with the impact of technology and the rise of e-commerce B2B e-commerce solutions can be seen taking place and making businesses easier. 

The Benefits of B2B E-Commerce Solution 

A B2B or in full form business-to-business is a form of electronic or e-commerce where the exchange of services, information, and products happens between the businesses. There are many benefits of B2B e-commerce solutions.

Growing Market – It is a huge market with growth potential. In the US alone, it is predicted to reach $1.8 trillion by the end of the year 2023. With this system you can easily explore more markets.

Reach New Markets – It allows you to reach new markets. You are available for your sales activity 24/7 even without the availability of your sales team. You can reach out to different markets and time zones without any limitations. 

Enhanced Efficiency – Your B2B e-commerce software can also be integrated with the ERP system which will allow you to reduce the use of paper and pen and do all the processes efficiently and with fewer resources and timing. 

Reduction of Costs – Your costs will be potentially minimized as all the processes are online. It helps to streamline and automate all the processes. The cost of the middlemen is also reduced. 

Delivery is Faster – It manages, tracks, and manages your inventory with this synchronized online system. Handling complex orders with lesser lead time and accuracy are possible with B2B e-commerce software. 

Why Choose OrderCentral As Your B2B E-Commerce Solution?

You are looking for your B2B e-commerce solution? Worry not as OrderCentral will provide you with all the answers to it. This software gives organizations the ability to oversee not just their website but also the areas of marketing, sales, and operational procedures. Organizations may centralize and manage their operations with OrderCentral, which also offers them powerful e-commerce features.

OrderCentral offers numerous useful e-commerce tools for B2B businesses.

  • Open or limited environment – You can choose between a protected B2B webshop with direct ordering and payment options or a catalog that hides the prices from everyone.
  • Price management – The terms of prices and discounts can be divided based on the location, nation, dealer, and client.
  • Asset management – You can display product lines, components, and consumables to clients per their relevance.
  • Several storefronts
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Calculations of shipping costs – We will offer accurate shipping costs with the proper application of VAT according to the region.
  • Integration for payment providers – We offer a variety of payment options and accept different currencies.
  • Webshop analytics – The dashboard will track all of your KPIs for you, including turnover, average order value, returns, and complaints. B2B customer portal.

With the exemplary benefits, it’s time for you to use a B2B e-commerce solution and make your business shine! 

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