Back Massager for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the most common condition which affects young adults leading to inactivity and non-productivity. Although there are a few treatments including medications, using ice or heat but massage is the most effective way to ease your back pain. Now you must be thinking about self-massage or seeking the help of a professional but let me tell you that back pain can be treated with a back massager as well. There are lots of lower back pain specialists in the market that prove very useful to ease muscle back pain. Read More 

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How do Massagers help to relieve back pain?

Pain especially in your lower back can be stressful because you are unable to perform your routine activities. According to the research low back pain is the second most common pain in the U.S leading to disability. Now in that scenario massagers are the best safe option with lots of benefits. According to the experts back massagers like handheld percussive massager are the best tool to ease tension and muscle pain. There is no unsatisfied user of back massager so it helps to ease the muscle tension.

Now the question arises “how do massagers work on the body? The answer to this question is simple because a back massager stretches the muscles of our body and increases blood to a specific area. They improve blood flow will reduce spasms and cramps to heal the pain. Although massagers are safe tools you should consult your doctor in case you are using blood-thinning medications. Overall, massagers are safe to use for everyone who experiences mild to severe back pain at some point in their life. 

What is the best back massager? (Electric Powered or Battery Powered)

When there are immense massage tools in the market then it becomes hard to select the right one. There are plenty of designs and options that play an active role in making the final choice.

When choosing the best tools for you, first you need to figure out the part of the body you want to focus on. It all depends upon the spot you are targeting and the final choice can be made depending on the pain and physical area of the body.

There are electric powered and battery-powered massagers available. If you want to use the massager for your home or office use then we would recommend you to for the electric-powered one.  If you plan to travel somewhere then investing in a battery-powered massager would be the right choice.

Overall these massagers are safe and user-friendly tools to ease back pain. You will find a variety of back massagers in the U.S.

The Handheld Mini Body Electric Massager 

There are lots of users who like something having controlled targeting. These types of handheld electric massagers target a specific area of the body and provide comfort to the user. You can use it on one concentrated spot or in a large area; it all depends upon the usage.

It is portable due to its mini-size and provides mild vibrations to ease the pain. You can use it with one hand and target the sore muscles of your body easily. It is not only cheap but a choice to ease the pain of the legs, neck, and back. The cordless massage gun provides the best relief for sciatic nerve pain.

Handheld Deep tissue Electric Massager for Back Pain 

The rechargeable handheld deep tissue massager is very comfortable and easy to use. These types of portable massagers are comfortable to hold and best for neck and shoulder muscles. The best thing about these kinds of massagers is that they are rechargeable and cordless. You can practically use it at any part of the body.

This product is the ultimate game-changer for many users because of its mild vibrations which work on the overall body to give deep tissue massage to the body. After a bit of relaxing, you can shower your body and feel relaxed. If you want to go on a high budget then you can go for the handheld massager with various attachments.

Being a light product, the vibrations penetrate deep into the muscles to give instant relief to the body. You can make use of various attachments and adjust the intensity of the massager. This deep tissue massager can be the best back massager for sciatica.

Electric Massage Pillow for the car 

If you cannot travel a long distance then you must consider these types of electric massage pillows for the car. These pillow massagers are so refreshing that they produce adjustable heat to the body especially your spine and back muscles. It is very convenient because you can attach this to the seat of your car and it will do perfect massage to make your journey a comfortable one.

Electric Back Chair Massager for the Car 

The electric chair massager is the ultimate solution for those who want soft vibrations like that of a hand massage. It is not only perfect for home but good for the car as well. These types of massages are perfect for the back and butt. It will turn on slow vibrations along with heat to provide relief for those suffering from back pain.

It is not only easy to use but a long-lasting investment to keep your body pain free. If you want a full body massage including the back then you can consider a massage mat which is made up of flexible plush fabric and gives even heat to the overall body.


If you are suffering from lower back pain and you don’t want to go to a professional for deep tissue massage then you can make use of back massagers for lower back pain. The above-mentioned types work best for muscle recovery and release body stress. You need to consider the style of massager according to your use.

You can select between the wide variety of massagers especially designed for neck and back pain. There are massage cushions and pillows that contribute to full-body massages well.

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