Bad weather car crash claims

Car crash claims relating to bad weather conditions lead many people to question whether they are able to start a personal injury compensation claim. Today, we’re going to take a look at bad weather car crash claims to understand the common types of road accidents caused by bad weather.

…and always keep in mind the importance of speaking to a lawyer, even if it is just an initial consultation regarding your situation (if you have been affected, check out this bad weather truck accident lawyer from Lafayette).

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Types of bad weather related to car crashes

Poor weather driving conditions vary across the globe. For example, California wildfires are specific to the area, meaning related car crash claims will be handled by legal teams taking into account the specifics of the case. However, when we think about more general poor weather driving conditions, there are certain types of weather that feature prominently in car accident claims.

  • Poor visibility

During or following all types of rain (from mild to moderate to heavy), the wet road surface presents a higher risk of poor visibility due to spray from the wheels of other road users. This is especially noticeable when driving behind or overtaking large vehicles. The poor visibility can mean that other drivers become disorientated and may collide with your car where the driver does not take care to drive with reduced speed and with a greater sense of precaution before manoeuvring.

  • Heavy fog

Heavy fog brings similar concerns over poor visibility as spray, only the fog can be thicker and more difficult to navigate. Often, drivers will switch on their fog lights, making them easier to see in the low visibility foggy conditions. However, not all drivers are as forward thinking, meaning that the last second appearance of a careless driver could mean that you don’t have enough time to react, leading to a road accident.

  • Aquaplaning

Aquaplaning is a term not in common use all over the globe, but the basic premise is simple enough – water covered road surfaces present a skidding hazard. Where other drivers do not adjust their speed accordingly, and where increased stopping distances are not observed, the result could be that you are rear-ended by a vehicle that has failed to stop through aquaplaning.

The importance of speaking to a lawyer

If you have been involved in a bad weather car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering if the person you think is to blame will be held responsible. These are natural concerns, because the other side may indeed try to express that the weather conditions – and not their own negligence – was to blame for having caused the accident.

That is why it is always important to speak to a car accident lawyer after any car crash involving poor or adverse weather conditions. A lawyer can speak to you about your situation and personal injury compensation, ensuring that your right to the proper means of short term and long term support is upheld and the other side is held to account in full.

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