BAE Systems plc – Company Information

BAE Systems plc is a multinational aerospace and defense company based in London, England.

It is one of the leading defense contractors in the world, with its main operations in the US and the UK.

In total the company has over 88,200 skilled employees working across the world in Australia, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The company’s BAE Systems Inc subsidiary is one of the largest suppliers to the US Department of Defense.

It is also involved in several major defense projects, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon and the F-35 Lightning II.

BAE Systems was formed in 1999 following a merger between Marconi Electronic Systems (a pioneer of wireless long distance communication and mass media broadcasting) and British Aerospace (an aircraft, munitions and defense-systems manufacturer).

BAE Systems is a public company with shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Business Operations

Applied Intelligence: large-scale data exploitation, ‘intelligence-grade’ security and complex services and solutions integration.

Australia: supplies the Australian Defence Force with communication systems, electronic warfare systems, military air support, air defense, mission support systems and intelligence, in addition to surveillance and reconnaissance support.

India: services for the armed and security forces of India.

Saudi Arabia: providing mechanical engineering, electronics repair and manufacturing, IT, logistics and manpower development.

Combat Vehicles (UK): provider of Combat, Engineer and Support vehicles. Products include the Terrier, Challenger 2, Warrior, CVR(T), and BR90.

Electronic Systems: provider of electronic warfare and night vision systems, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, secure networked communications equipment, and power and energy management systems. products include the Digital Light Engine Head-Up Display (HUD), Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS), Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS™) Laser-Guided Rocket, PHOENIX™ Family of Radios, and Striker Helmet-Mounted Display.

Intelligence & Security: provides mission-critical cyber security solutions, information technology, and intelligence and analytical tools.

Land & Armaments: design, development, manufacturing, and support of tactical wheeled vehicles, armored combat vehicles, missile launchers,naval guns, munitions, artillery systems, and other military products.

Maritime: manufacturing of naval ships and submarines.

Military Air & Information: the air sector arm of BAE Systems that focuses on the design and developing of fixed wing military aircraft and training aircraft.

Regional Aircraft: provider of solutions for aircraft support services and engineering.

Shared Services: supports the operations of BAE Systems and external customers.

Support Solutions: products include F-16 Avionics Upgrades, Aircraft Upgrades & Modification, Commercial Ship Repair, Infrastructure Protection, and HEADS.



  • CEO: Ian King
  • Type: Public
  • Listed publicly on the LSE
  • LSE stock ticker symbol: BA
  • Revenue: £15.430 billion GBP (2014)
  • Net income: £1,300 million GBP (2014)
  • Diluted earnings per share: 23.3p (2014)
  • Headquarters: 6 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AD, England, United Kingdom
  • Employees: 83,400 (2014)
  • Registered office number: +44 (0)1252 373232
  • Website:

BAE Systems plc Financial Results, Years Ended December 31

Income data (in £ millions of GBP) 2014 2013
Revenue £15,430 £16,864
Operating costs £(14,387) £(16,297)
Group operating profit £1,217 £695
Operating profit £1,300 £806
Finance Costs £(418) £(384)
Profit before taxation £882 £422
Profit for the year £752 £176
Balance sheet data (in £ millions of GBP)
Total assets £19,788 £19,681
Total liabilities £(17,911) £(16,263)
Total equity £1,877 £3,418
Cash flow data (in £ millions of GBP)
Net cash inflow/(outflow) from operating activities £669 £(110)
Net cash inflow/(outflow) from investing activities £55 £(43)
Net cash outflow from financing activities £(638) £(918)
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents £86 £(1,071)
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period £2,313 £2,222
Common share data (in £)
Earnings per Common Share – Basic 23.4p 5.2p
Earnings per Common Share – Diluted 23.3p 5.2p

Source: “BAE Systems plc Annual Report 2014”