Four ways to balance your affiliate marketing and SEO efforts

In order to get the best results for your business, perfectly balancing SEO and affiliate marketing is a must. If you pay an equal amount of attention to the both, in the long term you are guaranteed to see a rise in sales, signups and revenue. Let’s see some tips which can help you align these two features to help your business grow.

Balancing affiliate marketing and SEO efforts
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One of the most common problems online businesses face is making both SEO and affiliate marketing work together in perfect sync.

Once a user notices that the rankings for their site begin to drop they are quick to blame it on affiliate links. But most of the time they are looking at the wrong place. Instead, they should be looking at their search marketing efforts and work on aligning them with the affiliate marketing efforts.

When you take a look at SEO and affiliate marketing you see that both of them serve the same goal; bring high quality and relevant traffic to the site in question and turn that traffic into real money sales. This is why it’s foolish for the two of them to compete, when the end goal is the same. Instead they should be in perfect sync, helping each other and generating bigger revenue for the site. For this reason, SEO must be done the right way in order to provide the biggest support for the affiliate marketing.

This is why it’s absolutely crucial that you take on a more strategic approach to bring the two in sync.

Find a niche that’s profitable for you

A common mistake many entrepreneurs make is choosing to sell many products which come from different categories. In this case it’s extremely hard or even impossible to align the SEO and affiliate marketing, simply because it’s all over the place.

With that in mind you have to understand that it’s going to be a Sisyphean task to bring a specifically targeted audience to your site. On one hand you may rank well for specific product keywords, but on the other hand you can have a very hard time bringing visitors for some of your other products.

This is why it’s better to focus on one or a maximum of two profitable niches, rather that promoting everything that comes along. But here users can run into another problem. The choice of niche naturally takes you to something that you are experienced in. But this niche may not be the most profitable one. So before you decide which niche to focus on it’s a good idea to do an extensive research on the potential revenue and profit.

Revise your keyword strategy

Search marketing is already a known topic for you which needs no explaining. But it’s always a good idea to do a revision of your keyword strategy when you decide which niche to focus on and the products you want to promote.

The rules are the same. You always want to target the keywords which have a bigger search volume, reaching a wider audience, while at the same time the competition for them isn’t too strong. Here it’s a good idea to turn your focus to long-tail keywords for a higher accuracy. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for this, but it’s wise to try some other keyword tools as well, in order to get fresh ideas.

One of the free tools which comes highly recommended is Google Trends. With this tool you can keep track of the search changes for your keyword. It also offers filters by category, region and time frame. At the same time, you can keep track of the interest changes based on sub-regions.

You also have to consider the fact that all profitable niches come with a very high competition. This is why you need to target keywords which are not already targeted by a big number of affiliates. If you take a look at the online casino niche you will see a massive number of super affiliates. They make it virtually impossible for new affiliates to rank on the top positions. But, if you target keywords  woth lower competition like “blackjack sites”, “best online slot sites”, you have a better chance to rank higher and make a profit.

Optimize your website content

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In order for an SEO strategy to work, having high quality content is a must. At the same time great content also helps visitors by educating them on the topic and leads to visitors’ conversion. With this in mind the natural way to continue is by optimizing your site content. This can be done by adding new content, optimizing the existing one, or both.

The best way to come up with content ideas is to utilize your keywords. If the keywords you are targeting come with a high search volume you know that there are users who are searching for related content. This way when you create content which is highly optimized for those keywords it will spike in the search results. Since you are providing the content the users want, they will automatically come to your site.

Another way to go is to update the content you already have with fresh keywords. You can add new info as well, like stats, updates, tips and so on. Either way the most important thing to remember is to create content which is useful to visitors. This means creating content which is informative and easy to read, rather than strictly promotional.

Build links to boost site authority and attract high-quality traffic

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It’s a well-known fact that high quality backlinks improve your site authority, along with the search rankings. This is why it’s imperative to make your affiliate and link building efforts work together. The best way to do this is by naturally earning backlinks from sites which are in correlation with the products you are promoting and selling.

Another way to go is simply by generating social signals, by getting more shares to your content. But most of the time this alone isn’t enough, especially if your end goal is to get more revenue.

The best way to get backlinks is guest posting. This helps you connect with an already existing audience coming from an authoritative and relevant domain. This way you get several benefits. The first is simply getting great traffic to the site. The second is that your sites page and domain authority will rise, thanks to the backlink.

This is contradictory to the statement by Matt Cutts in 2014 that guest posting SEO is dead. The truth is that if done right guest posting can bring great results. The main problem is submitting guest post simply for acquiring backlinks. This is forbidden at most reputable sites today.

To do it right you have to be sure that the content you submit has substantial value. You need to create content which is of importance to the targeted audience. The content you produce should be perfect in every way, including grammar, writing, readability and most importantly information.

If you do all of the above right you greatly increase your chances to get the content accepted, while at the same time you get more authority in the overall niche. Your content will reach the relevant target audience, which can later be re-directed to your site.

Bottom line

In order to get SEO and affiliate marketing to work in perfect sync you need to balance your efforts between the two. The tips we provided should help you greatly in aligning the two. A certain dose of testing and experimentation is required from your end to help you achieve this goal. With time you can try more options and improve your overall strategy.