Barchart Review 2023: Is this Platform the Real Deal? 

You might have heard of Barchart. We’re in the second quarter of 2023, and you’re wondering if it’s still a good choice. That’s okay. Everyone has questions, especially about tools they might use. Barchart has changed over the years. 

Some changes are big. Some are small. Is it better now? Or maybe not as good? You deserve to know. This Barchart review is here to help you. 

You’ll learn the simple truth about Barchart. Then, you can decide if it’s right for you. Let’s look at Barchart together, just the facts. Nothing too fancy.

What is Barchart?

To start, Barchart is an online tool focusing on market research. Since 1995, the platform has consistently delivered market data and analytics. 

Barchart success primarily hinges on its dedication to accuracy, reliability, and consistency. These qualities have made it one of the best stock research websites.

It helps you pick the best stock charting software to track and predict where money moves. But besides this, they also share news about the market. However, some believe other spots, like Benzinga, offer better news.

Features of Barchart 

  • Market Overviews

Here, Barchart is like your daily news reporter for the money market. They cover a range of topics like stocks, ETFs (think of these as baskets of stocks), and even more. They show you which stocks are making waves and which aren’t. Plus, they sprinkle in some news and helpful advice for good measure. If you’re ever lost, this section is a great starting point.

  • Stock Data

This is where Barchart stands out. Unlike some sites, they don’t just tell you the current value of stocks. They dig deep. They show you the stock’s past prices, patterns, and even predictions about its future. 

This info can help those who quickly buy and sell stocks. And for those who love digging into the past, they let you travel back in time till 2000 and download that old data. Handy, right?

  • Trading Signals and Recommendations

Have you ever wished for a helper in the stock market? Barchart’s got you. They monitor stocks closely, and if they see patterns or signs, they’ll tell you if it’s an excellent time to buy or sell. 

They base this on 13 different ways of studying the market. And if you’re looking for the top picks, they have that too!

  • Stock, Options, and ETF Screeners

If you’ve ever wanted to filter out stocks based on specific rules or criteria, that’s what screeners do. Barchart provides one of the best stock screeners for different money areas. 

While they have a good range of data, some believe other tools, like FinViz, are more versatile. But Barchart’s still got enough to get you started.

  • Market News

Staying updated is key. While Barchart isn’t only a news platform, it gathers news from all over. Think of it as a news aggregator. The group news is based on the type of market or sector, making it easier to find what interests you.

  • Technical Analysis

For those who love graphs and charts, this one’s for you. Barchart offers interactive charts that let you study price data. These charts are detailed and can even show price changes minute by minute. Plus, if you have a favorite way to view things, you can save it for next time.

  • Watchlists and Portfolios

Want to keep an eye on certain stocks? Barchart lets you make custom lists. They’ll even email you how those stocks performed. It’s like having a daily report card for your stocks!

How Much Does Barchart Cost?

Free: Everyone loves freebies, right? Barchart offers a free version that gives you access to many features like news, their special Barchart Opinion, and even alerts. But, of course, there are some limits.

Paid: Want more from Barchart? They have a Premium membership. They have three plans: monthly, yearly, and a 2-year plan. These plans remove the limits of the free version and unlock more features.

Limitations of Barchart 

Even though Barchart offers many tools, it’s not without its hiccups. For instance, while they do offer news, other services do it better. And though they have data from the past, some wish they offered more detailed old data.

Pros of Barchart

  • Their interactive charts are super useful.
  • They offer a lot without charging you a penny.
  • Their stock screeners help filter out choices.

Cons of Barchart

  • For new users, all the info might be overwhelming.
  • The way the site is designed could be better.
  • Free features have limits.

Wrapping Up: Is Barchart Right for You?

Now, this is your journey, and you need to decide. If you want to dive deep into stocks, understand their history, and keep an eye on certain stocks, Barchart can be a handy companion. 

Whether into daily stock actions or long-term planning, Barchart can be your one-stop destination.

If this piques your interest, you can try their premium features free for a month. So, should you invest in this market tool? You have the information now. The decision? That’s up to you. 

If you like the strategy or idea behind Barchart, click here to sign up today.