Basic Barbell Exercises at Home

Today, you can keep yourself in good physical shape in a variety of ways. Some people buy all kinds of exercise bikes, orbit tracks and treadmills.

Basic Barbell Exercises

A few basic exercises target almost all muscle groups.

  1. Deadlift with a barbell

Deadlift - article about Basic Barbell Exercises at Home

We’ll start with the deadlift. This exercise strengthens the back muscles and straightens posture. The exercise is difficult from a technical point of view, but if you do everything correctly then you can pump a lot of muscles

  • Extenders
  • Buttocks
  • Trapezium
  • The widest
  • Forearms
  • Hamstrings

Now about the technique stand close to the bar, feet shoulder-width apart. We sit down, grab the bar with a wide grip. The main point: the back should be flat. It is necessary. Only then can the projectile be pulled. Otherwise, you may get injured.

The shoulders are directly over the bar, the gaze is directed towards the wall. As you exhale, we pull the bar and straighten. At this point, you need to bring the shoulder blades as much as possible. Then we take the pelvis back and return to the starting position.

  1. Barbell squats


We grab the bar (in general, the grip is wide, but the main thing is that it is comfortable to hold it) straighten your legs. Legs & shoulder width apart, elbows must be laid back. The shoulder are brought together. We look straight ahead. Then slowly, while inhaling lower yourselves to the moment when the hips are parallel to the floor.

As you exhale rise and fully straighten our knees. As for mistakes, then, firstly, do not tear off your heels in any case. By the way, if shoes with flat soles, then it is better to put small weight plate under 1 kg. Secondly, the knees should not go beyond the toe line. Third, the weight is transferred to the heels and the outside of the foot.

  1. Bench press with a barbell

Bench press

This exercise is a basic exercise. At the same time, the chest is actively working, as well as the triceps and the shoulder girdle. The technique is pretty simple. Lie down so that the bar is at eye level.

Then grab it with a wide grip bring the shoulder blades together the priest also rests on the bench. That is, the rule of 5 points works here remove the bar from the racks and slowly lower it to the chest while inhaling. Then, on exhalation return to the starting position. You need to do 3 sets, and the reps range from 10 to 15.

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  1. Bent over barbell row

Bent over barbell row - 3

When performing this exercise, the broadest and rhomboid muscles, as well as the trapezius, are actively working. Additionally, the biceps and extensors are involved. Now about the technique. We grab the bar slightly wider than the shoulders.

Bend your legs a little and bend forward. Hold the body almost parallel to the floor. The loin is arched the arms are straight. On exhalation pull the barbell to the lower abdomen with an explosive movement bring the shoulder blades together. On exhalation return to the starting position.

  1. Lifting the biceps

Barbell Curl - article about Basic Barbell Exercises at Home

Perhaps everyone who has ever held a barbell in their hands has tried it. With this exercise the biceps muscle sways perfectly. The technique is simple become straight, elbows are straightened and shoulders are straightened grasp the neck from below. While inhaling pull the bar to the shoulders, while exhaling lower it.


If you do your workouts correctly, then with the help of one bar and a modest set of weight plates, you can build all the muscles of the body. But, naturally, one should remember about technique. In addition, you need to give the body the necessary rest and eat right. Only in this case can you achieve significant results.

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