Basics of online poker: learning your way around the online poker table

Online poker is attractive to beginner poker players because they aren’t under pressure to gamble with real money. Almost all online poker games have an option to gamble with “play money” rather than real money. This gives beginners a chance to gain experience around the online poker table without losing any money doing it.

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Whether you are playing poker domino or straight poker, you can spend as much time learning the game as you want. You don’t even have to rely on human players being at the poker table because you can play against the computer players. This is a luxury you don’t have at a physical poker table.

Below are the top 5 basic things you should know about online poker and how to navigate your way around an online poker table.

1. There Are No Poker Faces

Online poker puts experienced players at a disadvantage and beginner players at an advantage because no one can see each other’s faces. In physical poker, experienced players constantly study the facial expressions of other players to predict the strength of their hand.

When someone has a poker face, it means they are trying hard not to express any emotions of happiness or sadness. Beginner players often make the mistake of expressing these emotions, which allows the more experienced players to exploit them.

However, this does not happen in online poker because everyone’s faces are invisible at the table. So, if you’re accustomed to reading poker faces at physical poker tables, you’ll have to rethink your strategy at an online poker table.

2. You Control the Graphical User Interface

An online poker table is basically a graphical user interface where you can control your actions with the click of a mouse. You’ll see digital buttons for placing bets, making deposits, raising, calling, folding, hand history, sit out, spectate, and so on. Some poker tables even have chat boxes that let you talk to the other players in the room.

3. Everything Moves Faster

Online poker games are played much faster because the dealer’s actions are instantaneous. As soon as a player makes a decision on their end, the response is immediate. There is no waiting for the dealer to deal cards or clear chips from the table. All of that happens in the blink of an eye. Because of this, you can play a lot more online poker games in a shorter amount of time.

4. A Digital Recreation

An online poker table is designed to look like a physical poker table. It is a mostly green table with various markups on it to show where the cards and chips are supposed to be placed. The difference is that an online poker table can stack up more chips without it taking up too much space. Physical poker tables can get messy when it comes to the chips. So, in a sense, the digital table looks a lot cleaner and organized.

5. Winning Hand Chart

Online poker tables often display a chart of all the possible winning hands that you can receive and how much money they’re worth. This chart is extremely helpful to beginner players who might not be familiar with all the possible winning hands of poker. Experienced players cannot take advantage of beginner players by disregarding their winning hands and claiming they are not legitimate.

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