The Basics of SEO for Dentists

Figuring out how to market your dental practice online can be a real challenge. There are so many different methods out there, and it seems like digital marketing is always changing. How do you keep up? It’s not easy to understand digital marketing, but you have to start somewhere.

SEO for dentists - image for article 499399299499439929The Basics of SEO

Learning the basics of dentist SEO can be a great place to start. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” This is the process of optimizing or adjusting your website’s pages so the content on those pages will be noticed by Google or other search engines. Why is it important to optimize your website’s pages?

The Importance of SEO

It’s important to optimize your pages because your website will not likely be found by anyone if you don’t. If you want your website to appear when an internet searcher is looking for your type of business, you will need to ensure that your pages have the keywords that the searcher is typing into a search engine, such as Google.

Google, and other search engines, must scan billions of web pages each day. They try to find relevant information that people are looking for. Since Google can’t read minds—yet—the main way for them to do this is to scan your content and try to figure out what your dental website is all about.

There are complex algorithms that do this hard work, but the idea is that they process your website’s pages and display them on a results page only if they believe the information is a match for what an internet user is searching for.

The Process of Analyzing Enormous Amounts of Data

The process can be even more complex when you realize that information and websites can be broken down into different categories and purposes. For instance, dental websites can be informational, such as a dental information site. Or, a dental website can exist to attract dental customers, such as your website.

You don’t want your site to be mistaken for an information site, because then you will never get any customers. You will mostly get website visitors who are just looking for information related to their dental issues.

How Do You Get Dental Customers?

To get the dental business you’re after, usually your website must utilize SEO strategies to ensure you reach your target audience. In the end, you want to get customers through your doors. That goal is achievable with the help of SEO.

There are different pieces of the SEO puzzle.

  • For starters, you must figure out who your audience is, and you must know what location(s) you are serving.
  • Then, you should do research on the keywords that would be most useful for targeting your audience. For instance, “Seattle pediatric dentist” might be a good phrase to target if you’re a dentist who works with children in the Seattle area.
  • Next, you need to write quality content and optimize every page.
  • You will also need to obtain backlinks from other websites to connect your site to other reputable dental sites in your field. This can give your site a boost in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Hopefully, you now have a basic understanding of how SEO works for dentists.


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