Beagle 401k Review – Locate Your Missing 401k 

Beagle 401k is a practical solution for anyone who’s switched jobs and left behind old 401(k) retirement accounts. It helps you track down these accounts, ensuring that any funds, especially those from employer matches, are not overlooked. 

The service is designed to simplify the process of rolling over these accounts while identifying any hidden fees, making your retirement planning clearer and more efficient. If you’ve been putting off dealing with old retirement funds, Beagle 401k offers an accessible way to handle it.

For a deeper understanding of how they can assist in your retirement planning, continue reading my Beagle 401k review

What is Beagle 401k?

Beagle 401k, a fintech venture launched in December 2020 by Cyrus Ghazanfar, Jeffrey Tha, and Shuo Jiao, offers a unique service. Headquartered in San Francisco, it operates as a financial concierge, specializing in tracking down old 401(k) and IRA accounts from past jobs. 

The company’s main focus is on facilitating the consolidation of these accounts into a new one under your control. Additionally, Beagle 401k provides a valuable service in analyzing fees and assisting with rollovers, with a broader aim to enhance various aspects of your financial life in the long term.

How Does Beagle Work And What Does It Offer? 

Beagle 401k is more than just a financial tool; it’s a convenient way to manage your retirement savings. It’s designed for those who’ve switched jobs and left behind old 401(k) accounts. Beagle efficiently tracks down these accounts, even the ones you might have forgotten. 

Once found, it analyzes them for hidden fees, a common issue with many 401(k) plans that can slowly erode your savings. Beagle simplifies the process of consolidating these old accounts into a new plan with potentially lower fees, maximizing your savings. 

It’s not just about finding and consolidating your accounts; Beagle also offers the unique option to borrow from these accounts at zero net interest, providing an alternative to high-interest loans. This feature could be a game-changer for those in need of funds but wary of high borrowing costs.

To summarize, Beagle 401k streamlines the process of managing old retirement accounts.

Beagle’s Pricing

Beagle 401k’s pricing structure is designed with flexibility in mind. They offer three tiers for locating old 401(k) or IRA accounts, with prices adjusted based on the number of accounts found. The tiers range from $19 to $99, increasing in cost if more than three accounts are discovered.

Additionally, Beagle Financial offers a subscription-based model for investment account management, charging a monthly fee of $3.99. For those considering a 401(k) loan, Beagle charges a monthly maintenance fee and an initiation fee, with the unique feature of 0% net interest on the loan. This approach aims to make retirement account management and optimization both accessible and cost-effective.

Beagle 401k Review: The Alternatives

If you have read this far in my Beagle 401k review, you know they offer an affordable solution to find and roll over your old 401k accounts. Here are a few other quality companies that help with other aspects of retirement planning:

  • Playbook: Playbook is a financial planning app, specializes in tax optimization for long-term financial freedom. Based in San Francisco, Playbook’s key features include analyzing financial accounts to identify tax-saving opportunities and guiding users in optimizing their tax advantages. Playbook is an effective tool for those seeking to maximize their financial resources through intelligent tax planning strategies.
  • NewRetirement: NewRetirement is a comprehensive retirement planning service. It stands out for its thorough retirement planning tools, including a planner that offers detailed insights into retirement finances. Key features include robust budgeting tools, retirement calculators, and educational resources to help users understand and manage their retirement finances. NewRetirement’s approach is highly personalized, allowing users to input their financial data for tailored advice and forecasts.
  • Rocket Dollar: Rocket Dollar is a financial services company specializing in self-directed retirement accounts. Launched in 2018, it allows investors to use retirement funds for alternative investments like real estate, startups, and cryptocurrencies. The platform’s key features include individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Solo 401(k)s, offering a high degree of investment flexibility. Rocket Dollar’s main appeal is its ability to open up a broader range of investment opportunities within retirement accounts, which are typically limited to traditional stocks and bonds in other services.


Beagle 401k, established in 2020, specializes in managing old 401(k) and IRA accounts. It efficiently locates and consolidates these accounts, analyzes fees, and facilitates rollovers, offering a unique option to borrow at 0% net interest.

Tailored for those with forgotten retirement accounts after job switches, Beagle 401k streamlines retirement planning, making it more accessible and efficient. Its tiered pricing structure and subscription model offer flexibility and affordability.

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