Beard Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul

Beard transplantation is performed by transferring grafts from the healthy donor area to the empty area where grafts are needed, as in hair transplantation. Since the beard is less common in the cheeks and chin area than the hair on your head, beard-to-beard grafts cannot be transplanted in beard transplantation. Apart from that, the process to remove your grafts from your beard area with a micromotor can be dangerous because the cheek and mandible tissue seems weak for this issue, but the scalp is very suitable and is on your head.

The grafts to be used in beard transplantation in Istanbul must be from the healthy donor area in your head area. You can say that the hair and beard are the same in appearance, but yes, they are the same. There is not much difference between the hair follicles on your head and your beard roots. If this issue were not in this way, the grafts taken from the scalp would not have shown any success in the operations performed so far.

Beard Transplant Cost

The situation of patients who only want beard transplantation is not a very common situation. 1 or 2 of 1000 patients only want beard transplantation. That’s why we want to talk about the price issue with hair transplant prices. Because in general, in Turkey, patients are given prices in packages without making distinction between hair & beard and number of grafts. However, the same is definitely not the case for America, Canada and European countries. While a 3,000 graft hair transplant costs 15,000 dollars on average in Canada, this price varies between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars in Turkey, depending on the clinics.

The fact that the prices in Turkey are cheap compared to other countries does not necessarily mean that they compromise on quality. The main reason why hair transplantation is cheap in Turkey is purely economic. In America, Canada and European countries, the trade within the country is completely in dollars. To elaborate a little on the word commerce, the monthly money earned by the working staff and doctors is in dollars, the purchase of the equipment required for the procedure is in dollars, and the purchase or rental of the clinic is in dollars.

Beard Transplant Before and After

In beard transplantation, it is necessary to wait for 8 to 12 months for the roots to grow in order to obtain the final results. The result that emerged in the times before this is definitely not final.

The above patient waited about 1 year for the final result. As you can see, the lower lip around the chin and cheeks is completely filled, and it is not a sparse planting and looks just like a natural beard.

Turkey Advantages

Turkey is very advantageous in terms of price in hair and beard transplantation, we have mentioned this quite a lot in the above section. So what other advantages does it have?

– Turkey is the best among the countries engaged in health tourism in the world.

– Turkey has high level success in the health sector in general, even when compared to itself and other countries.

– When you come to Turkey, you can fulfill many of your aesthetic requests apart from hair transplantation.

– Since the best hair transplant clinics and aesthetic clinics in Turkey are in Istanbul, the opportunity to get to know Turkey’s most beautiful city and its history.

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