Beard Transplant: Understanding the Basics

Beards definitely look great. It is not easy for everyone to grow a thick and luscious beard. Often the beard tends to be patchy or the hair growth is slow. Being unable to grow a beard can take an emotional hit for many people. The best way to go about it is by undergoing a beard transplant Toronto. The cost of it can be between $3,000 to $10,000. It is dependent on the number of follicles that have to be transplanted and the intricacy of the procedure. Before even considering any cosmetic treatment, it is important to gauge an idea about what it is and how it works. We are here to help you understand the basics.

How does a beard transplant work?

For a beard transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology is used. This is the same procedure used for hair transplantation. During the treatment, the hair follicles from the back and sides of the head are extracted. These follicles are chosen also because they match the structure of the facial hair pretty well. Each follicle is placed with care and precision to match the pre-decided beard design. It is a follicle-by-follicle transplantation that takes place. So there is minimal scarring and little downtime. Even though the procedure is painless, a local numbing agent and a mixture of painkillers and sedatives will make it more comfortable. Two weeks after the treatment, the hair will fall out. After the third or fourth month, you will begin to see the results.

Can beard transplants be used to cover up facial scars?

One can choose to undergo the treatment for various reasons, and covering up a scar can be one of them. A beard transplant can be a good idea. It will work as long as there is blood flow in the surrounding areas or in the scar. This will help to provide the follicles with the required blood for thriving.

What is unique about beard transplants?

There are always apprehensions associated with cosmetic treatments. Beard transplant is a unique procedure in its own right. Before the transplant, you work with the surgeon to design the beard of your dream. Each follicle is placed with care to ensure that it follows the set design. As it is a minimally-invasive treatment, there is no visible scarring. Precision is required for placing the follicles, and the results achieved look natural.

Why should you be mindful while deciding on the surgeon?

When planning a beard transplant, one needs to be mindful of the skills and techniques used. You can go through the before and after pictures. This will help you get an understanding of their skills. Why this is important because these things help you achieve the natural look you are hoping for. Not choosing the surgeon with care can lead to disappointing results. The surgeon needs to have an aesthetic eye with a need for detail and precision.