5 Beauty and Skincare Trends That Are Shaping 2021

It’s a pretty good bet that most women did not use makeup as much in 2020 as they did in years past. Staying home, staying safe, and not having to worry about how we look was the new normal. Now that we are venturing out again, there are several beauty and skincare trends that we need to explore.

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From using blotting paper on a regular basis to protecting our eyes from too much computer time, there is something we can learn and bring to the future of caring for our skin.

  1. Natural and Organic Skincare

Many women, and men, are returning to a natural and organic-based skincare routine. They are opting to use plant-based items rather than those ladened with chemicals. This may be due to wanting to lower their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint, or it could be that they noticed less is more when it comes to taking care of their skin.

One of the growing product lines of beautiful and natural-looking skin are items using hemp oils and CBD and for anti-aging skin, people opt for Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex

  1. Antibacterial Products

Let’s face it, the pandemic scared the crap out of us and we now want everything to be doused in antibacterial properties. This includes face and body washes, shampoos and conditioners, as well as makeup foundations. Of course, not everything can be antibacterial, but certain things can be made from compounds that help keep germs away.

  1. Blue Light Protection

Since most people stayed home, either working in front of a computer, shopping using a laptop, or enjoying a variety of entertainment in front of a screen, blue light has become a concern. Not only can prolong exposure to blue light, what is emanating from your computer, television, or cell phone screen, hurt your eyes, it can damage your skin.

Blue light can contribute to aging skin, something no one wants. Manufacturers are now including ingredients that help to protect the skin, much like UV protection, from harmful blue lights. Some ingredients include algae and turmeric, which were hardly found outside of the kitchen several years ago.

  1. Hygiene

Since everyone is washing their hands and keeping clean because they don’t want to spread or catch Covid, better hygiene products are a big trend in 2021. Not only are the major brands producing better versions of their original products, but they are branching out into items like hand sanitizer and wet wipes. This is because everyone wants better hygiene and are willing to stay faithful to the brands they love and trust.

  1. Simple

When it comes to skincare and makeup, simple is now the way to go. People are no longer concerned with keeping up with the ‘Jones’ or impressing everyone they meet. They want something that is good, yet simple. A lot of makeup is not what women want these days.

They want to look good, but not so made up like years before.  They also want products that not only help them look their best with a limited amount of effort, they want the ingredients to be simple as well.

The overall trend for 2021 is to be true to yourself and take it easy. Life is precious, enjoy it while you can.

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