Top 5 Ways to Become a Great SEO Consultant

Do you believe that becoming an SEO consultant remains a daunting task or that SEO is a tough thing to learn? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are not the only one to think that because most small business owners perceive the concept of SEO as very confusing.

The condition becomes extra baffling as there are millions of pages of out-of-date information, misleading information, or completely bad information regarding the implementation of an SEO strategy.

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However; don’t worry, here in this blog I have mentioned a step-by-guide that will enable you to turn from a newbie to a great SEO consultant. So, let’s begin.


The very first thing that you need to do even before beginning to think about SEO remains to familiarize yourself with the working principle of the search engine.

Maybe you already understand something regarding search engines, however, there is no harm, to begin with, the basic concepts furthermore then work your plan up.


Most of us think that SEO remains all about keywords & links, (trust me) it holds much more than keywords & links. You have to understand that the real objective of SEO is to prepare a customized browsing experience for every user so that they get precisely what they need.

You should not begin SEO just to perceive more search engine traffic, however, your goal should be to convert that traffic into returning visitors. Some of the major sub-components of SEO that will help you accomplish the goal are:

  • On-Page SEO: Helps in the page optimization
  • Off-Page SEO: Benefits website promotion
  • Technical SEO: Affects crawling & indexing of web pages


The rules & algorithms regarding SEO change all the time as it is not a static discipline. For example, Google does more than 250 modifications to its ranking algorithms each year.

So, to be a great SEO consultant, you should be at the peak of your game all the time by understanding all the changes proceeding around the universe of search engines. One of the most powerful ways to stay aware is to follow the SEO news websites that grip you updated by all the ongoing SEO changes.

Few of the SEO news sites including a proven track record signify “Google Blog” and “Search Engine Land”.


With short processing time moreover a huge number of choices to make based on sufficient information, it is essential that you understand that you cannot do SEO alone. Moreover, you require selecting the right SEO tool.

Unless you will end up wasting all your time analyzing numbers rather than accomplishing the core tasks which are expected to add power to your business. Also, there are some free SEO tools, it is extremely recommended to take help from some paid ones too as in the long term the ROI will be much higher than the amount you will pay now.

You can refer to “Google Webmaster Tools” which remains a free SEO tool & will provide a ton of information regarding your website. You can also refer to “Google Analytics” which signifies another free SEO tool of Google that will give information regarding your website traffic as well as how users navigate your site.


Throughout your journey towards becoming a great SEO consultant, there will be times when you will feel frustrated, disappointed, moreover, you may even decide to give up.

However, (again) you don’t worry because this is a natural course of occurrence. That is when you should read the stories of the people who had passed through the same difficulty to be successful SEO consultants today.

After reading you will understand that none of them became what they are now because they are blessed, rather because of those endless hours of hard work that they have put in.


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Therefore, you must know that anyone who has anything, to start with, a website or online business should become an SEO consultant because all digital marketing campaigns begin with SEO & we all know how essential digital marketing is for the online presence.

Other than assuring the maximum possible appearance in search engines, SEO principles likewise help a website in several other ways. Also, to be an SEO consultant permits a lot of research, practicing & testing it is not that tough if you follow the right way.

Further, we also know that search engines & SEO are here to stay for years to come. Hence this could be the biggest investment of your life. I hope this blog has helped you to plan your path to becoming a great SEO consultant.

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