Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Europe

Europe is an incredibly attractive continent to explore. With many things to see, and do, it’s the right place to plan your vacation and immerse yourself in its range of cultures and history.

Like any visit to other places, especially if it is your first time, you will have loads of curiosities and questions about how things work, the etiquette and the desire to master the jargon and slang.

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Travelling to Europe can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! With the below list of things you should know before landing your feet in Europe, you can save money, travel smart, and feel much more relaxed. Here are things that you need to know before travelling to Europe.

Most people take public transport

Unlike some other places, public transport is primarily for the masses and not specific to any notion of bias, class, or any traveler you are. Yeah! Everyone would love a Rolls Royce to be rolling them around the Rue Crémieux, but in the meantime, a metro or bus can be perfect. Embrace public transport in popular cities. It is economical, fast, and easy to use.

You need to apply for ETIAS

The ETIAS is a visa waiver program that aims to strengthen the borders of the Schengen Area by checking the data of travelers before entering the zone. For now, citizens from around 60 countries can visit the 26 Schengen Area and European Union countries visa-free.

However, as of 2021, the visa waiver passport holders will be required to register for ETIAS before traveling to the Schengen area and European Union Countries. Probably someone might wonder what is the European Union. Well, the European Union is a unique political and economic union of the 27 member states of Europe that together cover much of the continent.

You need to call your credit card service provider

If you fail to inform your credit card company before travelling, there is a big chance that their security will see a red flag when your credit card is used in Europe. You should let them know that you are travelling to avoid issues when paying for your essential items such as hotel rooms, train tickets, and more.

A rail pass can be economical

The rail pass is a significant way to visit various locations in one without spending a lot of money. And still, if you haven’t experienced travel by train before, then it is an adventure.

Avoid over-planning

The desire to do and see everything can be overwhelming, but I guess you are not ready to spend much on your vacation. If you overload your day, there is a possibility that you will end up doing less than you want because you will get burnt out.

Ensure that you have enough time to sleep and get adequate rest between the activities. You will be doing your body a favour, and by the end of the trip, you will realize that you had a fulfilling experience.

Be prepared to go over your budget

Even most budget-conscious people struggle with spending on trips. It’s challenging to account for all the scenarios and activities that will incur extra money. So go ahead and add a decent caution when planning for your vacation and see the likelihood with which you will go over.

The currency is the same but different pricing

Despite many states in Europe adopting the Euro, the prices vary significantly since different countries have different economies. A bottle of beer in Paris can cost you more than purchasing it in the local village store in southern Italy.

This can seem logical but can come as a surprise, especially if you are making fleet stops as part of a massive trip, so it is wise if you remember this when planning your budget.

There are various places to visit in Europe with many different cultures. Exploring Europe can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Therefore, I hope the few tips I have shared above can make your trip to Europe too much enjoyable.

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