Beginners Guide on How to use a Hookah

The hookah is undoubtedly the most popular traditional tobacco use method that is making a comeback. Nowadays, it appears like everyone enjoys smoking a hookah, as seen by the long lines of people waiting to try a brand-new flavour. However, if you’ve never tried using a hookah, it may seem scary at first. But rest certain that the majority of those who are unfamiliar with the idea are unsure of how to smoke a hookah. So, you’re not by yourself.

We created this beginner’s guide to aid you with your first ever hookah experience. It can help you learn the ropes and impress your friends with your smoke-blowing prowess.

Choosing the Best Shisha Flavor

Shisha is the tobacco product that you inhale through the equipment and it can have different flavours. Even if the question of what taste is the greatest will always be debatable, starting with reputable companies and their well-regarded goods will guarantee you a good experience.

Never Smoke on an Empty Stomach

Before smoking, it’s recommended to eat a meal or at the very least a snack. Regardless of traditions, if it’s your first time, you could feel dizzy or even sick if you smoke on an empty stomach. A platter of ceviche is a quick starter that we advise.

Ask the Staff Member to Help You Set It Up

Ask the staff to pack your bowl if you plan on smoking a hookah for the first time in a lounge bar. Even while it’s not particularly complicated, getting it perfectly will ensure a nice smoking experience. Make sure to load the bowl as fluffy as you can if you’re doing it alone. This will enable even distribution of the heat and air. Additionally, always request a disposable mouthpiece, then put it on when it’s your turn to draw.

Lightly inhale

Do not overexcite yourself and take on more than you can handle. Breathe in gently and slowly, pausing briefly between each one. The smoke will pass through the apparatus and into the mouthpiece as you inhale. Enjoy the flavour as you exhale.

Don’t Rush It

It’s essential to bear in mind to take your time when using a hookah. Make sure you’re not drawing smoke simultaneously with anyone else if the equipment has more than one hose. When there are two persons using the hookah at once, the coal will burn excessively hot, producing an unpleasant and bitter pull. The tobacco will burn much more quickly as a result, cutting your session short.

Always Remember to Relax

A hookah session should last for at least an hour and is intended to be calming. Enjoy the amazing flavor and sensations as you relax and take a few leisurely puffs. Hookah smoking is the ideal method to spend time with your friends and take pleasure in their company because it brings people together. The richness of the flavored tobacco may even give you a mild rush if it’s your first time.

When you become a professional in smoking and making hookahs all by yourself at home you should try different flavors of shishas. 

You may also need to search for best hookah bowl. Different types of hookah bowls also give different type of experience. 

You now understand the basics of how to smoke a hookah.

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