Beginners Guide Stitching and Sewing

Beginners Guide Stitching and Sewing - image 1There are so many sets of skills that we tend to forget about due to how much we utilize and depend on technology, and many of them are actually quite important. Learning how to stitch and sew might seem like a trivial thing that may not be necessary- but besides the fact that it can be a ton of fun, it also proves to be extremely convenient and also allows you to express your creativity. 

This is why we’re providing you with a beginner’s guide to get you started!

Get the right sewing machine

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a decent sewing machine. Initially, you can invest in a simple beginner’s sewing machine so that you can learn the basics. Once you’re more comfortable and familiar with the process, you need to get yourself a decent machine. There are tons of reviews online to help you determine which one suits you best and all you need to do is be patient enough to comb through them.

According to the people behind Stitch and Sew, one of the most common mistakes that beginners make is not doing proper research or not familiarizing themselves with the machines before making a purchase. While some may be under the impression that they all do the same thing, that is not the case. Some machines allow you to make certain stitches that others can’t, and some could be stored away a lot more conveniently as well. You want to define for yourself what kind of stitching and sewing you’ll be doing, and then you’ll be able to take it from there.

Learn about the variety of stitching styles

You need to learn about the different forms of stitching and sewing, and the best way to do that is to either join a class, or even watch a few tutorials online. There are quite a few options, so you want to be able to have it all down to understand which kind of stitching goes with what kind of fabric or project.

There are stitching forms that you will be able to sew manually, using your hands, and there will be others that you will have to use the machine for.

Familiarize yourself with the textures & fabrics

The next thing you need to do is start to familiarize yourself with the many varieties of fabric and the different kinds of textures as well. This is important because when you sew something, you need to ensure that you’re using the right kind of thread, machine, and stitching to hold it together or to give it the look that you’re after. This is something you can do by carrying out a bit of research online, as well as taking to the market and really becoming familiar with the different kinds of fabrics out there.

You’ll find that these vendors will often have enough knowledge to help you understand what they’re made of and what you can use them for as well.

Have all your supplies ready

Beginners Guide Stitching and Sewing - image 2If you want to start sewing, then it’s important that you are well organized. Before you begin any project, or if you’re even just practicing, you need to first ensure that you have all the supplies you need. This will include the thread- make sure that you have a wide collection of colors so that you’re always prepared. You will also need a cutting board and a cutter for patterns, different kinds of scissors- there are specialized scissors made for fabrics, and you’ll want a small one for your thread as well.

If you do a bit of research, you can find ready-made lists that will make getting all your supplies in one go a breeze. Get a box to keep everything in one place, and have a designated room or area for your sewing.

Practice, practice, practice

Nothing will take you from beginner to seasoned pro as practice will. Make it a point to sew something every day, and you should expose yourself to all kinds of stitching, on all kinds of fabric and textures. By doing so, you’re going to become much more knowledgeable about what to do and how to do it. You’ll find that you’ll soon be able to take on full projects, regardless of whether it’s furniture, clothing, or items around the house.

This guide should be able to get you well prepared to move you from beginner status and onto the next level of sewing and stitching! You’ll find that there’s a lot to take in, but once you get into it, you’ll realize how fulfilling and exciting it can be. Make it a point to really expand your scope and try everything so that you can find what it is you’re comfortable with and see how you can make your life easier by making things yourself. In no time, you might just find yourself starting your own business!


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