Belting Accessories that are Typically Available through Conveyor Belt Suppliers

Conveyor belts are one of the hallmarks of any industrialized nation and its manufacturing capabilities. It allows for supplies and products to be moved around in a much more fluid and efficient manner compared to having people simply carry them around. Even machines like lifts are not as efficient at moving small scale products around as conveyor belts.

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However, at times the conveyors belts alone are not enough. They need some accessories to go along with them to maximize their efficiency. Here are a few examples of accessories that can be acquired from companies such as Belting Edge, one of the top providers and manufacturers of quality conveyor belts and conveyor belt accessories:

Portable Splice Press

The AERO™ Portable Splice Press has completely revolutionized the splicing industry thanks to its ease of use and quick cycle time. All the user needs to do is plug it in and the device is ready to get splicing. With this device, there is no need for water cooling, as it has integrated air cooling already built into it. Plus, it allows for easy material alignment and clamping during the splicing process.

The Aero has two controllers on it; one for adjustment of temperature and time, and one for setting the pressure generated by the built-in compressor. Thanks to the design of this accessory, not only are bumps next to the splice, and hot splice plates sinking into the molten belt material a thing of the past, it also results in a decrease in the shrinkage of fingers and shiny transition lines are diminished.

Mechanical Belt Fasteners

Another accessory for conveyor belts is mechanical belt fasteners. It’s a given that all splices wear out over time, and because they’re more subtle, predictive replacement is more difficult when it comes to splice wear. Mechanical belt fasteners help predict maintenance patches. These mechanisms are easy to use and effective since they can be installed in mere minutes and require less preparation.

Another helpful aspect of the mechanical belt fastener is that it can be installed under just about any conditions. They are unaffected by shelf life, temperature, moisture levels, or residue, so they are perfect for environments that are less than ideal.

PT Smart Belt Trainers

A third conveyor belt accessory are the PT Smart Belt Trainers. This unit reacts and compensates instantly to any belt misalignments, keeping it away from any sort of structure. That way, the mis-tracking problems that plague all types of belts is now fixed. This Smart Belt Trainer comes with both an above ground and underground version, allowing for both types of belts to get full use of the accessory. Considering how high the demand is for this type of device, it is commonly shipped all over the world with only a one-day lead time. It also is built to last, coming with a 2-year “No Risk” guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there is room for improvement on conveyor belts, whatever type they are or industry they may be in. These accessories are just a few of the best ways that adjust those belts to their maximum potential.

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