5 Benefits of Car Insurance and Comparing Quotes

Most people know that it is a good thing to have an insurance policy for their car. After all it is actually mandatory for car owners to have at least a third party insurance cover for their car. What most people are not aware of are the many benefits that one can derive  from having car insurance. With moneyexpert.com it is easy and safe to compare car insurance quotes. Let’s look at some of the benefits of comparing quotes.

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  • Future Savings

Car insurance can help you save huge sums of money at a later date. Many people only buy car insurance because the law requires them to do so only to have a sigh of relief when an accident happens and they see how much money it has saved them.

Insurance premiums are paid in small amounts but when an accident happens, the car is stolen or destroyed in a fire huge amounts of money are required for repairing or replacing the car. In some cases there are also massive hospital bills for those injured or replacing damaged property. In this way car insurance actually acts as a payment plan for huge future cash outlays.

  • Avoid Inconvenience

The period following an accident can be a very stressful one for all parties involved. With hospital bills to be calculated, possible confrontations with wrong parties and so forth car insurance acts as a perfect buffer against all these.

With auto-car insurance, one is able to avoid all the hassle and inconvenience of negotiating with other injured parties and organising the replacement and repairing of stolen and damaged vehicles. Car insurance companies will handle all the time consuming hassles for you and help make life easier.

Once you make an insurance claim following an accident or a theft, the insurance company takes over and manages the whole process whilst at the same time giving you support through the difficult time.

  • Wronged Parties

The right car insurance will give you and your family protection in the event of an accident, fire damage to your car or theft of your car. Your passengers or property carried by your car are also protected.

  • Peace of Mind

Each and everyone of us needs peace of mind. Having car insurance helps you when an accident happens. Even the most careful driver is at risk because many accidents occur when it’s the other person’s fault.

The right insurance policy will cover your losses when your car is hit by a drunken driver for example. Knowing you have the correct type of insurance cover for your car will give you that much needed peace of mind at all times because you know you are covered for any eventuality.

  • Supplementary Health Insurance

Car insurance can help cover the costs of health insurance otherwise not covered by your other health insurance policies. Your car insurance policy might cover such medical expenses as eye injuries or dental injuries which are not covered by your other medical insurance policies. The medical costs are included as an extension on your car insurance policy.


A great benefit of a  fully comprehensive car insurance policy is that many extras can be incorporated into it. They vary according to the insurer and so it is wise to compare the features of packages offered by different service providers before coming to a final decision.

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