Benefits of Amazon advertising

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Amazon advertising, or Amazon PPC, is pay-per-click advertising to boost exposure to a product listed on the platform. Through Amazon Advertising, sellers can boost brand awareness, visits, and sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of Amazon advertising.

Benefits of Amazon advertising

1. Improved search engine

Advertising on Amazon increases the visibility of products in searches on Amazon pages, which leads to improvement in search rankings for your product page and consequently better sales prospects.

2. Product with faster delivery time

As people are accustomed to shopping within hours without leaving home, they prefer shopping online which needs no physical movement at all; fast shipping is what they always seek; advertising on Amazon can give you this edge over competition by giving prominence to the fact that your product ships quickly.

3. Appearance in ‘Customers also bought’ listings

Product recommendations play a vital role when it comes to increasing conversions/sales; if your product appears among top products in this section it gives you more exposure; thus appearing there improves your chances of increasing sales and ranking higher.

4. Increase in conversion rates

As more and more customers get to know about your product through Amazon ads, it becomes easy for them to find the product; thus leading to increase in conversion rates; advertising on Amazon can give you better exposure, which will eventually benefit you.

5. Save time spent on marketing

Advertising on Amazon does not require much effort as all that is required is to use automated software’s for placing your ad copies through which you need not take any pains for regularly checking the progress of campaigns regularly or dealing with customer issues, etc.; all these tiring tasks are taken care by Amazon itself. Thus spending lesser time on marketing means earning more. This means smaller companies can afford to spend money on advertising.

6. Increase in visitors’ time on site

Visitors landing from advertisement pages generally tend to engage more with a website and stay there for a longer period of time, which is actually the goal of every online business owner; this significantly increases traffic to your website/product page which can lead to increase in sales.

7. Product promotion through social media

When you advertise on Amazon you can create ads that will automatically be shared among customers’ friends and followers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.; this indirectly means product promotion through social media making it an important benefit.

8. Knowledge about customer behavior patterns

Amazon has been around for over two decades now and throughout this time it has developed a customer base of innumerable number; this means that it has gathered knowledge about the behavior and choice of customers which is actually a very profitable thing to know.

9. Sales increase in less than 24 hours

As soon as advertising on Amazon starts, sales start increasing within just 24 hours; thus if you take up this marketing strategy for your business, you can see results in less than a day itself. This means better ROI (return on investment) and an edge over competition.

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