Benefits of Height-Adjustable Desks

For those who work in office jobs, we are told that sitting at desks all day is slowly killing us. An alternative was suggested in the form of a standing desk, but now people’s feet are just in agony for the whole day. Next came attachable spring-loaded arms with platforms for a laptop that meant you could sit or stand, but they’re notoriously difficult to attach. Was there no middle ground to be had?

Those who were looking for a better balance knew to shop for the best sit stand desks in Brisbane where they could find height-adjustable desks that offered the best of both worlds. Indeed, these are the types that maximize benefits to their users.

First, they permit you to stay in motion.

The human body was never meant to be stationary for such long periods of time. It is an instrument that craves motion and dynamism. If you have to be at your desk throughout the day, then why not take parts of that day and change up your working position. After a couple of hours of sitting, match it with the same time standing and continuing your work. It would be good to stand and work after lunch, too, but then easy to return to a sitting position in the afternoon.

When you can control the height of the desk, your movement from sitting to standing is up to you. There might even be a nice balance found in between that takes strain off your knees but allows you a position better for your back than sitting in your office chair.

Second, they can reduce back pain.

If you’re an employer and you know employees who have taken time off due to back pain, did you consider that it could be years of sitting at a desk that contributed to it? An adjustable desk isn’t a miracle cure for back pain, but it can help in lowering the risk. There are studies that show that standing desks are beneficial to those who experience upper back and neck pain, reducing said pain by as much as 54 percent.

Next, they can also be a boon to productivity.

There are some who have claimed before that height-adjustable desks are a bad thing for productivity because when people adjust them to the standing position, employees’ basic working abilities are hindered, such as typing. How can they be more productive if their email typing speed drops from 75 words per minute down to 30?

In fact, not only are these fears unfounded, but when you factor in the mood boost one gets from the new standing or halfway position, it can actually supercharge them with energy to type faster and generally become more productive. When one feels more comfortable or relaxed, the creative juices flow and the work starts to pour out of them. It’s endless days in the same position that hinder productivity.

Finally, they promote healthier living for employees

Before the pandemic when the world started to get genuinely sick, did you know that in 2019 Australia lost some $7 billion to sick days? Pulling a sickie is genuine in most cases, of course, but a great number of people do it just to get some time out of the misery of office life. If a simple change like switching to height-adjustable desks can help prevent some of that loss and make people happier and healthier at work, then it’s worth it.

These desks encourage people to be more active, to get up, walk around, and stand for a time during the day. This helps burn calories, prevent weight gain, promote better circulation and more. If it’s in the employees’ interest, then it’s in the company’s interest.

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