The Benefits of PDFs

PDFs occupy an important space in modern business and are a common sight in several industries and offices worldwide. PDF Live and other similar tools are available to improve the managing and formatting of PDF files in many ways. Merging PDFs, for example, can make managing related files easier. One common use of merging is combing several invoices from a client into one document instead of many. This can be quite useful if you receive a lot of information from a client in a single period, such as quarterly or monthly. With PDFs being so pervasive and so many industries, both public and private alike it is easy to wonder why the format is so popular. Developed in the 1990s, PDFs offer many advantages that allowed them to become such a widely used format.

Benefits of PDFs
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Advantages of PDFs

  • It’s An Established Technology

PDF, or the portable document format, traces its history to the early 1990s. It is a common part of work and has been in use for decades. That means that not only are PDFs likely to not go anywhere, they are also a mature and well-understood technology.

  • It Is Widespread

When you need to share a document or record a PDF, it offers an easy solution because you don’t have to worry if the recipient can open it. PDF technology is widespread and easy to access no matter the user’s computer type, operating system, or preferred office software. PDFs will open on Macs, Windows-based computers, several types of tablets, android cellphones, and iPhones as well.

  • Consistent Formatting

A disadvantage of document files is that the formatting can easily become changed inadvertently as a file is shared. This is due to different document formats, versions, and software choices. While several word processing platforms may be able to open a file, the format may not be preserved. With PDFs, the formatting is consistent from person to person. This is important not just for sharing important information, but also for communicating professionally with clients and other businesses.

  • Password Security

Businesses often have to share confidential information or simply information you don’t want being read by those who have no reason to have access. PDFs allow you to password protect your documents meaning that they can only be opened by recipients who have the correct password. This extra level of security is easy to use and doesn’t require complex configuration.

  • Can Display More Than Text

PDFs can display more than just text information. Your PDFs can also contain embedded images, links to websites, and other information. Images are especially useful as they help support your text and make the document more visually pleasing. Hyperlinks allow you to link to related information or websites that support or relate to your documentation.

Final Thoughts

If you work in an office environment, PDFs are a common sight. They allow for easy sharing of information and communication. With proper software and related tools, you can make PDFs easier to use and also more effective in daily business activity. Proper origination and modifications can make digital PDF records every bit as useful and organized as a traditional filing cabin.