Benefits of Student-Friendly Technology and How to Study Smarter not Harder

In the last two years, and even before the pandemic hit, the process of studying has changed immensely. We went from schools and universities to virtual classrooms and online libraries, and before that, we ditched pens and notebooks for laptops and stylus pens. It’s more than obvious that technology has influenced every part of human existence and education is not an exception. And that change is definitely not for the worse. Technology allows more students to access information, get a formal education and earn quality degrees. So how student-friendly tech influences students and what elements of it should you use for amazing academic results?

Cloud storage

Not having to drag pounds of notes, books and planners to school every day is a great commodity. Today, thanks to cloud technology, you can have all your important school stuff with you as long as you’re connected to the internet. You can access, use and change your files from wherever you are through your laptop or smartphone and always have all the necessary school materials with you.

Grammar and plagiarism checkers

Students who do a lot of writing at school might greatly benefit from grammar-checker technology. Errors are easy to sneak through, even if you check your work many times, but grammar checkers will catch any grammar, spelling, punctuation or style mistakes. Also, plagiarism is a big issue in the academic world, so make sure all your works, especially those you want to publish, are original by using a plagiarism checker. These programs are very helpful because they point out your mistakes and ask you to fix them, which is a great practice for your future studies. In time, you might not even need any checkers at all!

Digital libraries

School and university libraries were once the biggest source of information and learning for students. However, going to a library just to pick up a book or some notes and seeing that your desired materials are not available is a nightmare, especially in the middle of the exam season. Well, with digital libraries, you don’t have to worry about that. Just register, access the webpage, check the available materials and download your copy of whatever you want—no fuss and no wasting time. And here’s another great thing: if you study at Ontario Secondary School, you can easily get helpful OSSD notes from various subjects perfect for taking inspiration and additional learning. If you’re not good at taking notes, you can use these shared materials and have well-organized and useful information just before your exam. These materials are written by students yet checked and made sure they are reliable for exam preparation.

Online calendars

Most young people (and some adults as well) think calendars are useless and old-fashioned, but the truth is that they are a perfect tool to make your studying easier. Modern calendar apps allow you to input all the important dates of exams, deadlines, meetings, consultations, etc., and you’ll get reminded of your obligations whenever you want. This way, you can better organize your time and have more space to have fun instead of stressing. You can set your calendar up to send you notifications both to your phone and laptop so you don’t miss out on anything. There’s no need to memorize anything because you know you’ll be reminded months or days before your big event or important date. Another thing that your calendar app can do is help you develop good habits. For instance, you can start your day by planning out your schedule around your events and tasks. Also, you don’t have to use this app just while you’re studying. This app can be with you for ages because it can be used for all sorts of scheduling and reminders (you can put in social plans, trips, birthdays, dates and many more things).

3D printers

Just a decade or so ago, students were struggling with printers and cartridges for their papers and notes, but today, they have amazing printing tech at their disposal. Thanks to 3D printing, students can take their works into the fully physical realm and take a hands-on approach to learning. It’s possible to 3D-print anything from human organ models to geometric bodies and houses, which offers a more in-depth insight into how things work and look in real life. This technology can greatly help students who love a more tactile approach to learning.

Modern students can greatly benefit from these and other technological advancements. With different digital tools, you can make your study time easier and more effective for minimal or no investment at all. Some things from the past need to stay present in the future, but not utilizing modern technology is a great loss for you and can greatly slow you down. So start adopting these tech innovations and you’ll notice your grades going up and your study time going down. The key to success really is to study smarter, not harder!

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