Benefits of using MT4 for Mac

Metatrader 4 is the most widely used trading platform in the forex market. While most trading brokers, including MTrading, develop proprietary trading platforms of their own, nearly all of them still provide options for their clients to access Metatrader 4. And even though its developer has released a newer version, Metatrader 5, into the market, brokers and traders continue to prefer MT4.

User-friendly, customizable, and ubiquitous, MT4 is available on various operating systems, including macOS. In this article, we examine the benefits of trading forex with MT4 for iOS on a Macbook.

What is MT4?

Developed by Metaquotes in 2005, Metatrader is the world’s biggest online trading platform. It isn’t only used to trade forex, but also diverse other financial instruments including CFDs, indices, and even cryptocurrencies. This customizability is one of its biggest strong points and is probably one of the reasons for its strong and mass acceptance in the trading community.

A platform truly built for the global audience, it can be assessed using all types of devices – Windows-powered laptops, Macs, and even Android and iOS mobile devices. And in a world where people are increasingly reliant on mobile technologies, this has led to even further market dominance for MT4.

MT4 for Mac

At its inception, MT4 was designed for Windows OS. So, to use on Mac computers, traders had to download compatibility software that provided translation between the software and their computers MacOS. However, as anyone can imagine, that was a quite stressful process and wasn’t exactly great for the health of users’ computers.

So, trading brokers began to innovate custom-built applications that their clients could simply download and access MT4, without having to resort to third-party compatibility software. Complete with all of the functionality of the regular MT4 platform, Mtrading’s MT4 app for Mac is available for download here.

What are its benefits?

●     Wide-reaching market access

One of MT4’s biggest benefits is the access that it grants traders on the platform. Hardly any other trading platform has nearly as much reach. And it’s not just the diverse financial instruments – CFDs, cryptos, and so on, but also the forex currency pairs. On MT4 through MTrading, traders get access to trade over 38 different currencies, including all the majors, and many more from the Asian tigers and the other fast-developing economies on the continent, and elsewhere.

●     It has the best technical analysis tools

All forex trading is based on technical analysis and conducted with technical indicators. The more detailed indicators provided by a trading platform, the more equipped the traders on it are to develop the right insights.

MT4 on Mac provides one of the widest possible ranges of indicators possible. And not only that, but it also allows traders to develop new, custom indicators. This makes it the best possible choice any forex trader could ever have.

●     Speed prevents slippage

Slippage is one of the issues faced by forex traders universally. It is the difference between the price set by a trader for a transaction and the price at which it is eventually executed. It occurs most frequently on currency pairs with high trading volumes, as they usually experience higher market volatility.

Slippage isn’t necessarily bad, as it can be negative or positive. But, it’s an unnecessary risk, and any trader who knows their onions would want it reduced to the barest minimum. And this is one of the benefits of trading on MT4 on Mac through MTrading. The network offers lightning speed on trade executions and network stability, enabling traders to make trades as precisely as possible.

●     It keeps traders constantly informed with desktop alerts

On wall street, investment banks, hedge funds, and stockbrokers subscribe to the Bloomberg terminal. The terminal, recognized by its signature orange-on-black, old-timey screen, serves as the main information conduit, congregating a potpourri of data concerning the financial markets and economies around the world. And to show how much important access to information is for trades, the service costs a whopping $2,000 monthly.

MT4 on Mac comes close to reproducing something similar with desktop alerts. Whether or not your screen is set to the Metatrader trading window, you will receive alerts about important market movements on your computer. So, even if you’re working on something else, or just browsing through Netflix, you’ll still be constantly in the loop about information vital to your positions.

●     It is equipped for algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading is probably the most prevailing trend in the forex trading community these days. With people wishing to spend less and less time staring at their computers, they’re resorting to algorithms that enable automatic trading, especially copy trading. MT4 on Mac comes equipped with the MQL4 IDE feature that enables traders on the platform to write their algorithms. With a limitless roster of indicators, including traders’ ability to create custom indicators, MT4 offers traders an experience with truly limitless potential.

●     Simple trade pathways

For most people, it’s not exactly comfortable to have to click so many buttons just to get one trade through. Knowing this, MT4 on Mac has stayed ahead of the curve with its one-click trading feature. With it, traders can quickly take positions and execute trades in only seconds.


The fact that MT4 was created specifically with the Windows OS in mind has weighed down the forex community for years. In a place like Kuala Lumpur where a significant percentage of the population prefers a Macbook, the unavailability of a Mac-based MT4 app served as an entry barrier of some sort. The compatibility software needed to operate it was a significant drain on computers, and not many were eager to take that risk.

However, with the downloadable MT4 apps for Mac produced by MTrading, traders can seamlessly access a truly global trading market with as few costs and restrictions as possible; complete with a super customizable and user-friendly trading interface.

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