4 Benefits of Riding A Motorcycle

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We all know how dangerous driving a motorcycle can be. A quick glance at the blog by motorcycle accident attorney Lamber Goodnow would give you good idea of what can happen to motorcyclists.

However, with a bit of caution and common sense, driving a motorcycle can be quite safe. In addition, there are some physical and mental benefits associated with riding a motorcycle. These benefits are rarely talked about and you might have trouble convincing a lay person. But ask any motorcycle rider and they will tell you it’s all true.

If you are in the market for your first motorcycle then read on. I will outline some of the ways that riding a motorcycle can invigorate you.

1 – Endorphins

Riding on two wheels and really feeling the road is as exhilarating as it gets. There is nothing like the rush you get on a motorcycle. And this rush means endorphins are pumping through your body.

When people say riding a motorcycle is like a drug, they are not far off. Endorphins hit your neurotransmitters in much the same way that opiates do. This feeling can help make stress just melt away.

2 – Burn extra calories

Believe it or not, your muscles are always responding to the way the motorcycle moves as well as responding to the vibrations. In fact, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour riding a motorcycle.

Consider that you usually burn 200 just sitting, you’ll burn three times as much on your bike.

Going for a chill ride for just an hour a few times per week can help you just burn off those extra calories.

3 – Core and neck strength

Resistance training is understood to be a very effective way to build strength. Not many people realize that riding a motorcycle uses the same resistance training.

For one, you are always bracing yourself against the wind coming at you. This helps strengthen your core. Wearing a helmet also helps increase your neck strength.

You use a lot of muscles when you ride a motorcycle. And many of these muscles don’t get used in other ways during a typical day. You may even feel some aches and pains after your endorphins have subsided. In a good way, though.

4 – Feeling like you belong


When you are a motorcycle owner, you automatically belong to a special tribe. All motorcycle riders feel like they are part of a special club of sorts no matter what model they have.

Then it breaks down further according to the motorcycle itself. Harley riders are the most obvious that all find common ground in riding their Hogs. But, there are also the Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts that love belonging to that particular group.

We crave acceptance and are many times are not even aware of it. Because of this, when you feel like part of a club, there are feelings of acceptance in your life. Belonging to a community has many emotional and mental benefits that can give you a better outlook on life.