5 Main Benefits of Shrink Wrap in Product Packaging

Having interesting packaging doesn’t work very well when something is missing, or it hasn’t arrived in one piece. Whether stocking goods for shipment from a warehouse or packaging up products straight from the factory, it’s always best when everything arrives as it should. Otherwise, returns, restocking, and disappointment are likely in your company’s future.

Shrink Wrap image 4343222 articleUsing shrink wrap as a readymade solution to keep everything in place before and during shipment is clearly the answer. However, just in case you’re not convinced, here’s an article covering the five benefits of using shrink wrap in your business.

1.      Sealed In

Retailers often use the original packaging for their display. If it’s not sealed during shipping, it’s likely that the exterior of the product’s box will get scratched or seriously damaged. While the interior goods might be fine, the product’s marketing on the box along with its colorful marketing message will likely be lost.

There’s also the added benefit of protecting the goods from any moisture, dirt or dust particles from getting inside the box or packaging too.

2.      Anti-Tampering

When a product comes heat sealed using shrink wrapping, what’s inside is in a closed form. Unless someone decides to penetrate the wrapping, in which case, a quick inspection of the product’s packaging with confirm this immediately. Therefore, when receiving goods, being wrapped in this manner means you know if they’ve been tampered with or whether part of the consignment might be missing.

3.      Batching Together

Some products come with multiple boxes which need to be kept together as a single consignment. By using wrapping, they are secured as a single item during shipment. This is useful if they make up a single SKU or just need to be shipped as one out of convenience. It might not seem that vital but if you’ve ever received a product in the mail where one part of the package has gone missing along the way, the pain is real.

4.      Affordability & Suitability

Shrink wrap is a very affordable packaging material to use. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be applied quickly and easily. It’s suitable for many different situations and product types too.

Furthermore, as packing material, it’s about the lightest and thinnest available. Being light and thin means it doesn’t prevent a product still fitting inside the shipment box, unlike some other packaging options which might do. It also adds negligible weight to the overall package, which barely affects the shipping cost either.

5.      Durable

The plastic film used to wrap items once heated forms a durable shell around the product box. This provides ample protection from sharp or rough objects it may come into contact with along the way. Also, movement inside the box during shipping poses less of a concern too.  It can mean the difference between the product getting damaged or arriving unharmed.

Now you know the main benefits of using shrink wrap in your business, how do you get started? The Douglas Machine solutions for efficient wrapping on the production line or in the warehouse is the perfect answer. Meanwhile, make sure that you get the shipments out on time. Customers are depending on it.