Benefits of using Social Media for Recruiting

Social Media for recruiting - image 444Apart from the social and personal use, a lot of things are happening on social media such as product promotions, business advertisements, brand awareness and paid promotions etc. As people are using social media in different walks of life, it is also being used by hiring managers as a great and cost-effective way to attract and hire top talent for open positions. According to a report, almost 90% companies and recruiters are using different social media sites to streamline and speed up their hiring processes.

Here I have listed undeniable benefits of using social media for recruiting, that can surely change your mind to hunt the right fishes.

Social Media Increases Job Visibility

These days, every candidate who could be the right fit for an open position in your company or business is on social media. Billions of members are active on different social media sites and most of them check the profiles of giant organizations and brand for vacant positions and jobs. As LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms full of highly professional individuals, it is the best job-hunting platform for recruiters. Nowadays, different social networks serving as incredible platforms for attracting and recruiting highly talented and professional individuals who can work for your business or company.

Higher Quality Candidates

When using social media to find and hire highly capable and talented candidates for open positions, there might be no need to use the latest recruitment techniques like ATS or The Berke Assessment test, etc. because you can view the social media profiles to screen potential employees for their expertise and relevant work experience. Another best reason to use social media for recruitment is that majority of the users are tech-savvy, and also know the fundamental requirements to land any position in this competitive marketplace. While recruiting via social media, chances are always higher that the candidates you will hire will not only work longer with your company but, they can also be more productive than the employees hired via other recruitment techniques.

Better Employer Brand Awareness

Social media recruitment is efficient, not only to find the best matches for open jobs but to increase the awareness of your brand or company as well.  Job advertisement on social media helps you strengthen your organization and makes you a great employer brand by building great level of trust in candidates. As people love to connect with the brands with strong social media presence, they would consider you than any other company whenever you will post job ads as a strong and better employer brand.

Extend Your Reach

Social media sounds like a pool of candidates who are always in search of new roles and positions. Job sites and CV databases are undoubtedly great to hire new talent for your organization but social media job advertisement can amazingly extend your reach to a huge number of candidates. As social media posts are easy to share, users often share the stuff within their social circles whenever they find something interesting and useful. In this way, your job ads can reach to a big number of people who are looking for open positions with highly professional skills.

Screening of Candidates

More and more employers and recruiters are using social media when it comes to get thorough understanding of candidates they are about to hire. As people openly share their thoughts, views and frustrations on social media, it can help recruiters to understand the behavior and traits of a candidate before making the final hiring decisions. Social media profiles can provide recruiters with a deeper view of each applicant and also give insights into the personal traits of an individual to be hired for a position.

Less Expensive

Recruitment processes can be expensive than our thoughts. Most of the companies and brands consider latest recruitment technologies and trends when it comes to hire the top talent for vacant jobs, that can be expensive enough. However, social media recruitment is a cost effective and cheaper way to hire new faces for your business without spending a lot of bucks and efforts. Costs of recruitment via social media are always lower than any other way of hiring and it can assist you find the best matches for the available positions quickly.