7 Proven Benefits of Standing Desks You Should Know

There’s no denial in saying too much sitting is seriously bad for your health. People who sit for prolonged hours daily tend to have a higher risk of serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death.

Additionally, sitting for prolonged hours does not burn calories. Multiple studies have connected it to the problems of obesity and weight gain. That’s a big issue for office workers as they have to sit down for most of the day. Fortunately, stand up desks are becoming increasingly more popular and helping with all these issues.

Here, we will discuss seven amazing and proven benefits of sit and stand desk in detail. Let’s get started:

1. Lessen Back Pain

Back pain is something that 80% of grown-ups will experience over their lifetimes. Perhaps, it’s the best grievance of employees who sit throughout the day.

Numerous examinations have investigated the effect of using a stand-up desk on employees dealing with chronic pain.  A study even found that people who spent a normal of 66 minutes of their office hours standing encountered a 54% decrease in upper back and neck pain.

Standing at work for more than an hour has proven to bring positive emotional outcomes. Envision what standing could accomplish for you!

2. Increases Your Productivity

A few members from the standing work area research felt that standing helped with their efficiency and performance as well. Up to 66% of employees accepted they felt progressively better and energetic when they finished work while utilizing their stand up desks.

One was persuaded that they had the option to work through their messages more proficiently and rapidly than they did plunking down. Another stated that working while standing for some time throughout the day keeps you active and attentive.

3. Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Weight gain is at last brought about by taking in a larger number of calories than you consume. On the other hand, consuming a larger number of calories than you take in brings about weight reduction. While exercise is the best method to consume calories faster, deciding to stay up as opposed to sitting can likewise contribute.

When contrasted with an evening of office work, an equivalent measure of time spent standing has appeared to consume more than 170 extra calories. That is right around 1000 additional calories consumed every week from simply standing at your workplace every evening.

This caloric difference could be one reason why sitting longer is so emphatically connected to obesity and metabolic infection.

4. Increases Your Concentration

Standing siphons blood around your body and to your mind, in this manner expanding your concentration. When we sit for quite a while, everything appears to back off, including our cerebrums.

Truth be told, around 71% of individuals who utilized sit and stand up desks said they felt more engaged than when they were slumping in a seat at their workplace or slouched over a PC.

Now that’s a boost for thinking and reacting quickly!

5. Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

Specialists have been contemplating the advantages of standing for more than 60 years! Although the research is still going on, many reports suggest that standing regularly can help decrease the chances of heart diseases.

6. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

As a rule, the more your glucose levels rise after dinners, the more harmful it is for your wellbeing. This is particularly valid for those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

In an investigation of 10 employees, standing for 180 minutes after lunch diminished the glucose spike by 43% contrasted with sitting for a similar measure of time.

The two gatherings made a similar amount of walk, showing that the differentiable spike was because of standing instead of extra physical movements around the workplace.

7. Reduces Your Stress-Levels

Now and again, everybody gets worried at work. Whether this is because you have an approaching cutoff time, pressure from your manager, a muddled task, or a troublesome team that is simply not participating.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if one could lessen the feelings of anxiety, even only a bit?

Indeed, as per 33% of members, standing up as opposed to slouching over your chair and granulating your teeth causes you to feel less worried. When you stand up, you have the chance to extend those drained muscles and shake off a touch of that weakness and dissatisfaction.

With deep breathing, you will see right around a quick silencing impact that brings down your feelings of anxiety and lets you come back to the main job in a lot more settled psyche.

Time to Take a Stand

Lessening the time you sit at the office can improve physical, metabolic, and even psychological well-being. This is the reason why we suggest installing stand up desks at the office for significant and visible change.

In case you need to give this a shot, most places who sell office furniture offer sit-stand desks these days. You can even search online for such suppliers. It’s suggested you split your time 50-50 between standing and sitting to get the most advantage.

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