Benefits of Partnering with Teleradiology Companies

Teleradiology services have gained more relevance in the healthcare sector as organizations are prioritizing patient-centric models. Faster diagnosis is one of the critical benefits provided by teleradiology services which is also the cornerstone of patient-centric service delivery models. Radiology images are readily made available for interpretation to radiologists as they are conveyed through the Internet.

What is teleradiology - article about Partnering with Teleradiology Companies
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The final report is conveyed to the physician without much delay. However, this is just the basic benefit offered by these services. Here’s looking at some of the critical benefits of partnering with teleradiology companies.

Assurance of better security

Outsourcing to qualified teleradiology companies will ensure 100% compliance with the prevailing regulatory standards. They stay on the top of the regulatory dynamism and ensure that their service delivery is in strict compliance with the prevailing standards. Their awareness of the HIPAA privacy rules and regulations compels them to use private and secure platforms to ensure zero instance of compliance breaches.

Ability to cater to customization requests

Ideal teleradiology companies have an advisory group comprising the CIO, customers, and the radiologist. They provide their inputs on equipment and system upgrades that enables the companies to cater to client’s customization requests.

Better quality assurance

Teleradiology companies are known to set another layer of review post the initial interpretation of the images by the radiology team member. This is to ensure maximum accuracy in the final report. The fact that all the images go through the scrutiny of at least two experts ensures that the reports are free from any slip-up and fulfill all the stringent quality assurance guidelines.

A streamlined workflow

Teleradiology companies follow an elaborate routing process workflow and deploy radiologists who review the images from centralized locations instead of home offices. Such a streamlined workflow makes it easy to get in touch with radiologists who had analyzed the images or other qualified radiologists with who the analysis results can be discussed without the assistance of a doctor.

24/7 availability

Outsourcing to offshore teleradiology companies opens access to resources located at different time zones. This gives the outsourcing companies the liberty to dedicate resources to their clients on a 24/7 basis. They will be available to address any query pertaining to radiology report at any time, thereby ensuring continuity in the process. A continuous availability of resources minimizes the chances of errors in the report and reduces the service TAT as their service can also be availed during holidays or over a weekend.

Competitive pricing

Partnering with offshore teleradiology companies is cost effective in multiple ways. It opens access to diverse medical specialties without any extra cost, radiologists will not have to travel to get access to images as these can be transferred anywhere with the teleradiology facility. It also eliminates the cost of printing the images or the report, thereby limiting the overhead costs.

Parting Note

There is no more doubting the fact that the benefits of outsourcing to teleradiology companies is numerous. However, healthcare enterprises must careful choices while exploring partnership with vendors. The ability to provide report in real-time, possessing the industry-standard certificates, ability to cater to clients’ customization requests are some of the crucial factors that healthcare enterprises must consider while finalizing partnerships with teleradiology companies.